Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 99

Chapter 99 

“Mr. Winters, Mr. Sunderland, Mr. Walker, do you have any questions?”
Adina sat down and glanced at the three people nonchalantly. Trent stroked his chin. “I don’t understand many of the terms that you’ve mentioned, but because I don’t understand, you seem very professional. I don’t have any opinions.”
“Ms. Daugherty, you really live up to your title as a smart chip designer.” Eilam sincerely gave her a big thumbs-up. “With your participation in Project A-F, I believe the designed cars will be available as scheduled.” Duke nodded indifferently. “Let’s sign the contract.” Eilam took out the contract that he had brought along. There were some empty spaces for the profit sharing and signatures. Trent was the first to say, “The project’s profit is distributed evenly among the three companies: Winters, Sunderland, and Walker. Since Ms. Daugherty is joining us, we’ll give the remaining 10% to her.”
Ten percent profit of such a huge project was actually considered very high. Just as Adina was about to nod, Duke suggested, “Each of us can have a share of 25%.” Trent looked at Duke as if he was joking. “Each of us has invested at least $100,000,000 into this project. She just designed the chip, and she can already share a quarter of the profit? This is so unfair.”
“Without her, this project wouldn’t be implemented,” Duke calmly said. “Trent, you can choose to quit.”

Trent was dumbfounded.
He actually wanted to curse!
So, that was how people valued love over friendship. He finally experienced it today. Eilam stroked his nose. “Duke’s right. Each of us can have a 25% share. Ms. Daugherty is investing her skills, so it’s a deal. Let’s sign.” He stuffed the pen into Trent’s hand by force. Trent kept grumbling as he signed. Adina smiled faintly, but she glanced at Duke out of the corner of her eye.
This man was unpredictable. The fact that he had taken the initiative to come over and discuss the collaboration with her was already surprising. Now, he had even distributed a quarter of the profit to her, Did he care about her as a collaborator so much? While Adina thought about it, they finished signing the contract.
Trent was the unhappiest one at the negotiation table. On top of being beaten up today, a portion of his profit was also taken away.
He leaned back on the couch, scoffed, and said, “Ms. Daugherty, you’re the biggest winner today. Shouldn’t you treat us to a meal?” “If I have the time in the future, I’ll definitely be the host and treat you to a meal. But it’s already 5.30 pm, and I have to pick my kids up from preschool.”
Adina packed her stuff as she spoke. Trent was stunned. “Kids? Didn’t your kids die four years ago?”
The news mentioned that she had given birth to a pair of dead twins four years ago and set fire to the Daugherty mansion out of anger. Then, she escaped punishment for the crime.
Had the news been fake?
As soon as he asked, he immediately noticed that something was off. Adina’s face turned completely cold.
She looked up and replied in a distant manner. “Mr. Sunderland, you’re my business partner, so I won’t avoid talking about my kids, but that doesn’t mean you can casually pry into my private life.”
Her voice was as cold as the frost in winter.
She did not look at Trent again after that. She turned back and walked out of the office. Trent sighed in relief. “That woman’s gaze was so scary. I almost freaked out.”