Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 98

Chapter 98 

At that time, Ms. Daugherty and Duke would work together to beat Trent up. He would not help him.
Trent seemed to think of something as he scowled and said, “I have slept with a lot of women, so it’s nothing for me to sleep with one less woman. Duke just slept with one woman once in his life, so he really needs a woman to brighten his life up. I’ll quit then. Is that okay?”
When Duke heard his name, he turned back and coldly asked, “What did you say?” “Nothing.” Eilam covered Trent’s mouth and followed Duke into the car.
Adina was busy with some miscellaneous matters in her office. After she was done with those tasks, she went online and published some advertisements for hiring. Before she could send out the advertisements, someone knocked on her office door.
She thought the property owner had come for the registration, but when she opened the door, she saw three people.

She curled her lips and smiled. “I didn’t expect you to cast your nobility aside and come here, Mr. Winters. Please come in and have some coffee.”
She moved aside for the three of them to enter.
Honestly, she never expected Duke to make the trip. After all, Winters Corporation was the biggest corporation in Sea City. As the CEO, Duke might be so busy that he did not even have time to sleep.
She had asked him to come over just to test him.
In the end, he actually came. It proved that he really cared about her being his collaborator. So, everything could be discussed. Adina then served them some coffee.
Trent smelled the coffee and expressed disdain toward it. “Is this instant coffee? Ms. Daugherty, can’t you make some good coffee?”
Adina spread her arms helplessly. “I’m still putting my studio together, so I don’t have the funds to buy a coffee maker yet. Please bear with me, Mr. Sunderland.” “Are you really that poor?” Trent scoffed. “I’ll ask someone to deliver you a coffee maker later. Just accept it as my donation.” “Thank you, Mr. Sunderland.” Adina did not feel insulted, and she grinned as she accepted his offer.
The way they chatted looked like they were both good friends. Duke’s expression darkened a little
“You were just beat up earlier, but now you’re in a rush to send her a coffee maker. Are you so shameless that you don’t mind being beaten up?” Duke said coldly.
Trent did not care about him as he said, “When a woman slaps you, you have to turn the other cheek and let her slap you again. That way, the woman will cool down. Forget it, why should I talk to you about this? You’re forever alone. You won’t understand.”
Duke ended up being insulted by him.
He scoffed. “Stop talking about irrelevant things. Let’s discuss work.”
Adina took the documents and handed one set to each of them. “Two years ago, I worked on a smart car project with my mentor. Back then, Harfard University recognized the results of our research, but the investment required was too huge. So, our research wasn’t implemented in the end. While it was considered a success at that time, technology has rapidly advanced over the past two years. When I look at it now, that research is already outdated. Based on the experience I have, I’ve drafted a new design report. Please take a look” Duke flipped through the document. There were only four pages, but the content on the concept of the smart chip design and blueprint sketch was complete. He remembered that he had just brought up the collaboration with her, but she had already planned everything in just two days. “A few years ago, the smart car focused mainly on being driverless, but my concept aims at improving the experience of human-vehicle interaction,” Adina calmly said. “If we want to achieve the perfect experience, the most critical part is the sensor. Currently, the best sensor in the world is pretty good in smart homes, but it presents a great flaw in dynamic cars…” Adina spoke confidently for half an hour, and she also managed to give perfect solutions when Trent asked questions from time to time. Duke’s gaze on her was filled with more admiration.