Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 95

Chapter 95 

Adina looked up. When she saw the man who had suddenly appeared in front of her, she casually said, “Oh, it’s you, Mr. Sunderland. I was wondering who was blocking me at the entrance.”
The corner of Trent’s lips twitched. Why was this woman so sharp-tongued? He had not done anything, yet she had just criticized him. Could he still keep his dignity? “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.” Adina started walking. Trent subconsciously grabbed her arm. He had yet to clarify things
But before he could speak, he felt dizzy.
At the next second, he was thrown to the floor.

Previously, the ground in Riverview Pavillion had been covered in grass, so he did not feel pain when he hit the ground. This time, however, the floor was marble-tiled. He felt as if his bones were about to break apart.
When Eilam saw what happened, he gasped.
Ms. Daugherty was truly not an easy person to deal with. He immediately went over and helped his buddy up. “Adina, are you mad?” Trent was so angry that his face turned pale. “Do you know what the consequences are if you offend me?”
Adina patted the dust off her hands and nonchalantly said, “I don’t like people touching me. Do you remember now, Mr. Sunderland?” She flashed him a casual, cold smile, and her eyes were full of arrogance. She did not look fearful in the slightest. She looked extremely cocky, but the sexiness that she exuded remained evident. Her combination of strength and gentleness rendered Trent speechless when he looked at her. “Ahem!” Eilam pulled him up with great force. “Are you okay? Otherwise, I’ll get someone to send you to the hospital.” “How can a man say he’s not okay? I’m perfectly fine!” Trent pushed Eilam away and forced himself to stand up straight. However, his lower back had hit the ground. When he stood straight, his bones were in. extreme pain. He felt weak in the knees and nearly fell down again. Eilam could not bear the sight. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Ms. Daugherty, drive safe.
We’re leaving now.” After he spoke, he dragged Trent into the Winters Corporation building. “Hey, why are you dragging me? I haven’t avenged myself!” Trent said angrily. “I’ve lost to this woman twice. I won’t let this slide!”
Eilam rolled his eyes. “So, tell me how you’re going to avenge yourself?”
Trent was quite upset.
He could not refute her or defeat her if they fought.
It was his first time encountering such a difficult woman.
Then, something twinkled in his eyes before he chuckled coldly. “I’ll pursue her and make her fall for me before I abandon her. That’s the best revenge to exact on a woman.” “Don’t you think you’re being childish?” Eilam was really at a loss for words. “Please don’t walk with me. Don’t tell anyone that I know you.” The two of them arrived at the CEO’s office while they teased each other. “Please have a seat first. We’ll talk when she gets here,” Duke said indifferently as he read a document.
“Who’s our collaborator this time? You’re treating her like she’s such a big deal,” Trent said. ” There aren’t many people in Sea City who can make our Mr. Winters willingly wait.” Eilam was quite curious too. “Duke, you mentioned it was a genius chip designer whom you recruited from Harfard University? Is she really that brilliant?”