Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 94

Chapter 94 As for the staff who were working in Winters Corporation, even the receptionists would think of themselves as people with higher status, so they would never pay attention to gossip on the Internet.
Therefore, the receptionist did not recognize Adina.
She just merely thought that the woman was good looking, and she could be the most beautiful woman she had ever met.

Adina covered her lips and gently cleared her throat.
Only then did the receptionist suddenly snap out of her daze. “Oh, sorry. Do you want to go to the CEO’s office?”
Adina nodded. “Do you have an appointment?” the receptionist continued to ask. “No.” Adina shook her head indifferently. “I have a verbal appointment with Mr. Winters.” When the receptionist heard that, her impressed gaze was filled with some contempt. Countless people came to the company to look for Mr. Winters, and among them were beautiful, alluring, and sexy women… Although this woman looked much better than those who had visited previously, it still did not change this woman’s nature. She had come to Winters Corporation to seduce the CEO with her beauty. Did she think that she could succeed with only her beautiful appearance? “You can’t enter Winters Corporation without an appointment. Please leave,” the receptionist said coldly.
“I really have a verbal appointment with Mr. Winters. If you don’t trust me, you can give the CEO’s office a call,” Adina said coolly.
“If everyone who comes to see Mr. Winters asks me to make a call, the secretaries in the CEO’s office will not have time for other tasks. They’ll just be busy answering calls,” the receptionist sarcastically said. “Since you have a verbal appointment with Mr. Winters, why don’t you call him and get him to send some people over to receive you?” Adina smiled and chuckled. “Okay, I’ll leave then.” She turned back and left, not staying there a moment longer. For some reason, the receptionist felt anxious. If Mr. Winters truly had an appointment with this woman, but she blocked the woman at the entrance, would it be a huge mistake on her part?
However, the woman had definitely not made an appointment. According to the company’s rules, she had not done anything wrong.
When the receptionist thought about it that way, she felt much more at ease. Adina calmly walked out of the Winters Corporation building. She was in the middle of preparing her studio, so she had more than enough to deal with. She did not have the time to argue with a receptionisti. As soon as she walked out, two men in suits came her way. Trent and Eilam were talking while walking into the lobby. The moment they raised their heads, they saw Adina walk out of the lobby with an indifferent expression. “Is that the most beautiful woman?” Trent narrowed his eyes. “Why is she walking out of Winters Corporation?”
Eilam nudged his shoulder. “I told you that Duke’s really interested in this Ms. Daugherty. Perhaps they’ve been in a secret relationship for a long time.”. “I don’t think Duke has the ability to woo the most beautiful woman.” Trent scoffed. “He’s no better than me aside from being richer and more handsome. If Ms. Daugherty isn’t blind, she should know who to choose.”
Eilam was speechless.
It was great that this young man was confident, but being over-confident was not great…
At this point, Adina was already in front of them. Trent immediately smoothed his suit out and stood in a way that he thought made him the most handsome.
However, Adina stared ahead without a concern and did not notice him at all. She just walked out very quickly. “Hey!” Trent was unhappy, so he promptly ran after her) “I’m alive, standing here and waiting for you. Can’t you see me?”