Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 90

Chapter 90

She was beautiful and arrogant. Her every move and smile appeared confident and casual.
Besides, she really understood the customers, so the seated shareholders subconsciously listened to her.
Mr. Lawson’s expression improved, and he said, What else do you know? Carry on.” “Actually, I think Daugherty Corporation should target Boyd Corporation instead of the Williams and Jones family.” Adina looked up with a twinkle in her eyes. “Boyd Corporation is going to build a city of heavy machinery in Sea City. I guess all of you can estimate how many products Daugherty Corporation can produce without me explaining it.” Dew suddenly chuckled. “Adina, since you know Boyd Corporation, it means you’ve really been following Daugherty Corporation these past four years. But, how can you not know that Boyd Corporation doesn’t work with any local company?” Mr. Lawson criticized Adina. “I thought you’d have a good idea. It looks like you’re only good at empty words.”

Mr. Porter also scoffed. “Even if Boyd Corporation is willing to collaborate with a local company, Daugherty Corporation wouldn’t be one of them.” Everyone spoke to exclude Boyd Corporation as if it was not in their consideration. Adina shook her head. “What if I told you that I know the person in charge of this project in Boyd Corporation?”
As soon as she said that, the meeting room became quiet.
Networking was the most important part in a business negotiation. As long as you knew each other, the collaboration was partially established
Mr. Lawson and Mr. Porter looked at each other. “Do you really know anyone from the company?” Adina nodded. “Of course. I don’t have to lie about that.” Dew secretly clenched her fists.
Before the meeting, she had reached a consensus with the shareholders that they had to unite against Adina. Even if they could not do that, they still had to treat Adina as though she did not exist. Yet, the shareholders were actually talking to Adina. Dew suppressed her annoyance and anger before she slowly said, “Adina, is the person you know the chief of the project or just a project manager? There’s a huge difference between the
As soon as she said that, Mr. Lawson suddenly came to his senses. If Adina just knew a project manager, that manager would not have the ability to change the executives’ decision. Besides, it did not look like Adina would know the executives of Boyd Corporation.
Adina watched the changes in the shareholders expressions before she tapped on the table with her long fingers and calmly said, “I know you doubt my abilities. Why don’t we do this? I’ll be in charge of securing the project with Boyd Corporation.” “Adina, you shouldn’t go there and be rejected.” Dew frowned and advised, “Boyd Corporation looks down on local companies. If you seek a collaboration with them, you’ll be insulted.”
“It’s fine to be insulted as long as I can get the project.” Adina chuckled and said, “If I manage to secure this project, I hope I can work in Daugherty Corporation. I wonder if you’re willing to give me the chance, Dad?” When Dew heard that, she instantly became anxious.