Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 89

Chapter 89
The shareholders sitting in the meeting room were experienced businessmen. When they thought about it, they understood Winters Corporation’s intention If there was no connection between Winters Corporation and Daugherty Corporation, they would be lending their hand when Daugherty Corporation was in trouble. If Winters Corporation was close with Daugherty Corporation, they would just be giving them an arbitrary project. Mr. Porter said, “No matter what, this project will only be advantageous to Daugherty Corporation. Since it will only start in three years, we’ll talk about this project three years later. Now, Ms. Dew Daugherty, please talk about the big projects that are currently progressing in Daugherty Corporation so that we can have a brief idea.”
Dew flipped through her documents and slowly reported, “There are three main projects in Daugherty Corporation. Two of them are going to be completed soon, and another one is in process. Besides, the company is also in talks for other new projects…” “You mean the huge Daugherty Corporation is only profiting from one project now?” Mr. Lawson’s tone was a little unpleasant. “You have to get a few more projects, or the financial report for the next six months will be awful.” “Uncle Lawson, we’re already trying our best to do that,” Dew answered weakly. Mr. Lawson spoke coldly in a deep voice. “Tell me which customers you’re in talks with now. I’ll see if I know any of them.”
Dew was stunned. “I’m sorry, Uncle Lawson. I didn’t prepare the list of customers. I’ll send it to your email.”

She had been anxious recently because of Adina, so it had been some time since she focused on her work. She did not know which customers the company was contacting, and which projects they had.
Aaron naturally knew about her situation, so he said, “There are mainly three important customers we’re in contact with now. One of them is Mr. Williams. The Williams family is engaged in the ocean transportation industry. Daugherty Corporation’s factory can produce a component for their production line. Another one is Mr. Jones. The Jones family focuses on heavy machinery. Their large machinery “Excuse me, I have to interrupt,” Adina said indifferently. “Dad, you’ve made a mistake.” Dew softly said, “Adina, Dad’s speaking. How can you interrupt him? That’s very rude.” Aaron’s expression was cold, and his eyes were filled with anger.
The fact that Adina was sitting there already made his eyes sore, and now she had interrupted him while he was talking. He really wanted to ask someone to throw his daughter out.
“I’d rather be rude than disrespect our customers, “Adina said stoically. “The Williams family works with heavy machinery while the Jones family has an ocean transportation business. Dad has messed up the information of these two customers. People here are members of Daugherty Corporation, so there’s no problem if he makes a mistake. But if he makes such a joke in public, the Williams and Jones families would never collaborate with Daugherty
Corporation.” Aaron’s face turned pale.
His own daughter had exposed his weakness in front of everyone. He was so angry that he could not wait to flip the table.
However, his daughter was right. If he flipped the table, it would mean that he was flustered, and people would criticize him. He scoffed. “You know a lot.”
“Adina, how do you know about the Williams and Jones families?” Dissatisfaction crossed Dew’s eyes. “These two corporations aren’t local companies, and you just came back not long ago. How come you know so much? Did you… peek at our customers’ information?” Aaron squinted. “Our customers’ information is of the highest confidentiality in our company. Did you steal a look at them?”
Adina chuckled. “Dad, you just believe in whatever Dew says. People might think you’re Dew’s puppet.”
She turned around, looked at the other shareholders, and nonchalantly said, “I’m a daughter of the Daugherty family, so I’ve been following Daugherty Corporation’s progress. I never neglected my responsibilities in the last four years. A few years ago, I noticed that the Williams and Jones families needed collaborations in those areas, but I wasn’t a staff in Daugherty Corporation. So even if I had good intentions, I couldn’t do anything back then. Since I’ve become a member of Daugherty Corporation, I naturally have to tell you what I know. What do you think, everyone?”