Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Her father could get out uninjured, but she would not be so lucky. Once the truth was exposed, she and her mother would be in great trouble. Dew took a deep breath. “Dad, the shareholder meeting is starting. Let’s attend the meeting first.”
Most of Daugherty Corporation’s shares were held by the Daugherty family members. Aaron had 35%, Dew and Adina had 25% respectively, and the rest held a small portion. Dew had initially been the biggest shareholder. After her shares were divided, she ranked second with Adina. To increase her power, Aaron transferred 1% to her. So, Adina became the third biggest shareholder with just 1% less than Dew.
Aaron sat in the main seat, while Dew and Adina sat on either side of him.
The big shareholders in the room had naturally heard about the change in the Daugherty family’s shares. Many of them were senior employees who had worked hard with Aaron in the past, so they knew the Daugherty family well. Before the meeting started, Dew had even talked to each of them personally… A dozen of the shareholders exchanged looks and knew what to do. “Are you Ms. Adina Daugherty? Why don’t you introduce yourself?” Mr. Lawson, the fourth biggest shareholder, was the first to speak, and he sounded sarcastic.
Adina raised her eyebrows, and her beautiful eyes were filled with indifference and arrogance. “Uncle Lawson, don’t you already know me from the past? Do I still have to introduce myself

to you?”
Mr. Lawson faked a smile. “Kids grow up and change a lot. Your appearance has changed. If you don’t introduce yourself, how can we know for sure it’s you? Besides, we’re also interested to know what you’ve been through these last four years and whether you’re qualified to sit here and attend this meeting with us.”
“We need to set the course for the next quarter in each quarterly board meeting. If that’s not something you can do, it’d be better for you to turn left and leave the meeting room,” Mr. Porter added from the side.
Another director also looked over with an unfriendly gaze.
Adina was mentally prepared for this.
She calmly said, “This is the shareholder’s meeting. As long as I have a share, I can sit here. Even if I’m an idiot, you’re not allowed to chase me out.”
As soon as she spoke, Mr. Lawson’s expression darkened. “Ms. Daugherty, of course you can sit here. But after the meeting starts, please don’t simply interrupt others. Learning how to remain silent is also a kind of wisdom.”
Adina smiled indifferently. “Okay.” The meeting finally started only when they made sure that Adina was silent. Aaron was the first to give a speech. He mainly concluded the sales and development of this
season. “The growth of Daugherty Corporation’s sales in the first two months of the quarter increased steadily. But after public opinion took effect, a sinall boycott that started on the Internet caused the accumulation of some products in the warehouse. Public opinion continued to take effect, causing the stock price to start dropping drastically. Luckily, Winters Corporation lent their hand to us. In the next half a year, our company should be able to increase its stock price
Adina calmly listened to him.
She did not expect her comeback to affect Daugherty Corporation so greatly. Huised on her rough estimation, the company had lost at least $3,000,000 in sales
However, Daugherty Corporation was connected to Winters Corporation, which was a huge enterprise. Its corporate earnings should look good in the next six months She just did not know in what way Winters Corporation and Daugherty Corporation were collaborating While she thought about it, Mr. Lawson spoke up. “Mr. Daugherty, I’ve seen the project with Winters Corporation. It’s regarding an old city renovation in the western suburbs of Sea City The duration of the project is too long. There are at least three years of relocation work at the beginning. In other words, the project will only start three years later, and we have to wait four years to gain profit.” Adina smiled faintly. It looked like Winters Corporation had just given Daugherty Corporation a rubber check The rubber check must have been used to dismiss public opinion from a week ago. If they wanted to earn money from this project, they would have to wait another four years.