Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 87

Chapter 87

“Even if I get out of here, you can’t change the fact that my mother established Daugherty Corporation.”
Adina’s gentle tone and calm expression was a stark contrast to Aaron’s anger. A few secretaries in the corridor were so shocked that they dared not breathe heavily. The atmosphere froze, and the situation was tense.
Adina took a step forward, and there was a light flash in her cold eyes. “Dad, you really won’t accept me?”
Aaron gritted his teeth and said, “From the moment you set that fire four years ago, i no longer acknowledged you as my daughter.” “What if I told you that I didn’t set the fire?”

“Even if you didn’t start it, the fire was set because of you.” Aaron’s eyes were ruthless and profound. “You shouldn’t have come back alive.”
“Okay, I understand now.”
Adina smiled brightly.
Since their father-daughter relationship had progressed to such a point, any so-called affection had also disappeared.
So, she did not need to fear anything now.
“Dad, Adina, please don’t quarrel.” Dew rushed over in a new pair of high heels. She begged them like she was the middle person. “The shareholder meeting is about to start. The men are waiting in the meeting room. Dad, Adina, if you quarrel now, the outsiders are going to laugh at us. It’ll ruin the harmony in our family too. Why do you want to do this?”
Adina suddenly cast a fierce gaze at Dew. Is it worth killing me just for my shares?” she asked coldly. Dew was stunned before she widened her eyes and shook her head. “Adina, I don’t know what you’re saying…” “It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know it. You just need to remember one thing. If I find the evidence, I’ll send you to jail with my own hands.” Adina whispered into Dew’s ear before she walked toward the meeting room.
Dew clenched her fists tightly. Aaron looked furious too. “How could I have such a rebellious daughter?” “Dad, Adina must have noticed something. She won’t spare me,” Dew said in a sobbing tone.” I tried to kill her yesterday, but George discovered it. He said that if I tried to hurt Adina again, he wouldn’t acknowledge me as his mother anymore. Dad, George is so smart. Will he soon realize that I’m actually not his mother? I’m doomed. Everything’s over. I shouldn’t have lied
four years ago… “It’s fine if i’m doomed, but the Daugherty family would be affected too. Dad, I’ve sinned against the Daugherty family.” Compared with Adina’s coldness and aggression, Dew’s gentle and weak tears made Aaron feel like a father again.
He held Dew’s shoulders, took a deep breath, and said, “It has nothing to do with you. I have to bear some responsibility for the lie too. In the worst-case scenario, I’ll confess to the Winters family.” Dew was shocked. “Dad, what would you tell them?” “I’d say I forced you to be the mother of those kids. You have nothing to do with anything,” Aaron said. “But things haven’t progressed to that point, so I wouldn’t be so silly as to make such a confession.”
Dew’s heart sank
No matter who George and Harold’s mother was, it would not change the fact that the young masters were the grandsons of the Daugherty family.