Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 86

Chapter 86

After she went back home and got changed, she drove to Daugherty Corporation. It was her first time there after she returned from abroad. Five years ago, it had been Daugherty Corporation’s old building. Now, this building had been renovated. Its exterior wall was inlaid with blue glass, which refracted the blue sky and white clouds. It looked extraordinarily extravagant. Adina calmly walked inside. As soon as she showed up in the lobby, she attracted the attention of countless people.
She was the Daugherty family’s eldest daughter and the most beautiful woman in Sea City. Either one of those titles was sufficient to shock all the staff in Daugherty Corporation.
“Isn’t this Adina? Why is she back in the company?”
“Didn’t the news yesterday mention that she’s become the third biggest shareholder of Daugherty Corporation? There’s a shareholder meeting today, so naturally she has to come.”

“She hasn’t visited the company for about four years. I guess she doesn’t even know what the current operating direction of the company is.”
“You never know. She’s here to declare her rights this time. She can let the professionals manage the company. It’s not necessary for her to understand it.”
“I feel that there’s going to be a struggle for power in Daugherty Corporation.”
“Me too…”
While everyone talked about her, Adina looked relaxed as she entered the elevator.
She went directly to the highest floor. When she was eighteen, she had gone there to sign the agreement to succeed her mother’s legacy. Unexpectedly, in less than a day after she inherited the legacy, tragedy would happen. This time, she felt everything had changed. “Why are you here?” After Aaron received a call from his secretary, he immediately rushed out. They coincidentally met in the corridor. Their gazes were very cold, and the atmosphere was tense. Adina curled her lips and smiled faintly. “I’m a big shareholder of Daugherty Corporation. Why can’t I be here?” Aaron gritted his teeth and said, “You didn’t study business management, and you don’t know how to do business. It’s meaningless for you to attend the shareholder meeting. I’ll ask someone to send you back” “Dad, you didn’t study business management either, did you?” Adina’s smile became mocking. “When Daugherty Corporation was first established, you had no idea how to do
business, but Daugherty Corporation still managed to be developed pretty well. Oh yeah, it had nothing to do with you when Daugherty Corporation expanded. It was because of my mom. My mom is an MBA graduate from Samsoon University. Without my mom, Daugherty Corporation would have fallen as soon as it was established.”
Aaron’s cheeks trembled. He was clearly livid. He hated it the most when someone brought that woman up in front of him. She had been so excellent that it made him look like trash. He admitted that Daugherty Corporation would not have developed without the woman. However, that woman had been dead for twenty year, and Daugherty Corporation had also been developing for twenty years. The achievement in these twenty years had nothing to do with the woman, okay? He had allowed Daugherty Corporation to obtain honor and glory! Adina’s eyes were full of contempt. Aaron had actually played the role of a loving father for eighteen years just to take away half of her shares. It had been a total of eighteen difficult years. He scoffed. “Perhaps I’ve inherited my mother’s business ability. Why don’t you choose to believe in me, Dad?”
Aaron was furious.
He suppressed his anger and yelled, “If you mention that woman once again, you can leave the company!”