Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 83

Chapter 83

Alden clenched his fists and looked regretful, which did not fit his age. He was too useless. He could not protect his mom. How great would it be if he could grow up faster? He pursed his lips as he walked slowly to the ward.
But he suddenly stopped. Was the man walking in front of him Duke Winters?
Why would this man appear in the hospital?
Besides, it seemed that he was heading toward Mom’s ward.
He did not purposely come here to visit Mom, did he?
When did Mom have such a good relationship with this man?
Duke walked with his long legs and reached Adina’s ward in only a few steps. Before he arrived, he did not think too much of it. But when he stood in front of the ward, he suddenly felt that he was acting strangely. He was not related to this woman at all. What would she think if he suddenly came to visit her?

Most importantly, he did not know why he was there.
Nevertheless, he was there, and running away midway through was not his style. Just as he was about to knock on the door, he realized that it was not closed. Through the gap of the door, he could see the bedridden woman. She was sitting up on the bed, and her face was pale. Her long wavy hair fell behind her neck, making her skin look as fair as the snow in winter.
She seemed to be smiling faintly, and it was bright. She was breathtaking. It turned out that the most beautiful woman in Sea City could even be so beautiful when she was sick
It was the first time that Duke realized a human being could look that gorgeous. He extended his long hand and gently pushed the ward door open.
Then, he saw a man in a suit sitting beside the bed while peeling a banana. After the man peeled the banana, he fed it to Adina.
The woman did not avoid it and took a bite.
Duke’s gaze instantly became extremely cold.
Adina had just bitten the banana in her mouth, but before she could swallow it, she sensed a cold presence.
When she looked up, she saw Duke standing at the ward door with displeasure.
He looked like a demon who had arrived from hell and wanted to eat human beings.
Adina choked on her banana and broke into a coughing fit. “Cough! Cough!”
Flint quickly patted her on the back. He even handed her a cup of water. “Addy, why are you in such a hurry to eat the banana? Slow down…”
Adina felt the temperature in the ward fall with her keen senses.
After she drank some water, she could finally swallow the banana.
She raised her head, looked at the man by the door, and calmly asked, “Mr. Winters, why are you here?”
Duke’s expression totally darkened.
He had driven half an hour to visit her, but he was witnessing this woman flirt with another man 1
He should have known that a beautiful woman like her would not lack a man.
Was his behavior any different from those men who pursued her?
Duke scoffed. “Ms. Daugherty, you stood me up. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?” Surprised, Adina sat up straight before she said, “Mr. Winters, did you purposely come all the way here just to get an explanation?”