Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 78

Chapter 78

Over in the Daugherty Family, Dew threw a bunch of things onto the floor in a fit. “You’re all trash!”
Her chest heaved with anger, and she wanted to smash everything in the room.
Why did she keep failing again and again? Was she not just a woman? Was it so hard to kill a woman?
“Stop, Dew. Don’t get angry.” Ruby walked over and patted her back. “There were security guards in Xavier Corporation’s building, so it was hard to do anything. Don’t blame them. We should think about how we can stop the four men from talking so that they won’t expose the Daugherty family.” Dew scoffed. “If they want their family line to end with their generation, they can expose the Daugherty family!”

When she hired these men, she had their children controlled, so these men would not dare to say anything
“That b*tch, Adina, is really strong. I have to take some extreme measures. I’m really worried that she’ll find out about the two kids one day. If that happens, I’ll be completely doomed,” she said with displeasure.
“Don’t lose your head. Just don’t visit the Winters family or Winters Corporation for the time being,” Ruby slowly said, “You can’t let Adina discover your relationship with the Winters family.”
Dew nodded. Just as she was about to speak, her phone vibrated. She took a look at the incoming call. It was from George. Her eyes were immediately filled with excitement. Even though George was the friendliest person to her in the Winters family, he had never called her on the phone! She picked up the call with excitement.
“Mom, I arrived in Sea City last night. Are you available for a meet-up now?” Dew kept nodding. “George, I’m really happy that you called me. I’ll head over to the Winters’ to meet you.”
After she hung up, she wanted to go and get changed. Ruby warned her from the side. “Dew, George is the future heir of the Winters family. You have to hold on to that child. In the worst – case scenario, even if we can’t cover up that past incident, as long as George is with you, no one can touch you. Do you understand me?” Dew nodded. “Mom, please rest assured. George respects me a lot. He’s very obedient, and he never dares to stand up to me.”
She put on a new dress before she drove to the Winters’ place,
She was the mother of the young masters in the Winters family, and she would visit the Winters family once in a few days. The servants of the villa were very familiar with her. “Ms. Daugherty.” As soon as she got out of the car, the servants respectfully greeted her in unison. Dew enjoyed the feeling very much. Unfortunately, only the servants of the Winters family knew that she was the young masters’ biological mother. How great would it be if the whole world knew that she had given birth to two kids for the Winters family? Dew sighed before she quickly entered the villa. She knew that Duke would not be at home during the day, so she was extremely relaxed. She just sat on the couch in the living room and made herself at home. At this time, George appeared at the staircase. Dew habitually faked a smile. “George, come over and let me take a look at you. We haven’t seen each other for a month. It looks like you’ve grown thinner. I guess you’re not used to the food overseas…” She walked over and reached out to touch George’s face.
But George avoided her indifferently. He stood at the staircase, and he was on the same eye level as Dew. He tightened his jaw and coldly said, “Mom, I’d like to ask you a few questions. Please be honest with me.” Dew’s heart dropped. She knew that George actually did not like her, but George had an excellent upbringing. He always respected her as his mother and never spoke to her in such a tone. Yet, now, George’s tone was cold, and his gaze was piercing. He looked exactly like Duke. She took a deep breath before she asked, “What would you like to ask, George?” “Mom, did you try to kill Adina Daugherty?”