Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 75

Chapter 75

George stood at the end of the corridor and looked indifferent.
This woman had brought disaster to the Daugherty family four years ago, and after all that time, she continued to frequently attack the family again. If his mom wanted to teach this woman a lesson, it would be reasonable.
It was fine to let his mom vent her anger too.
He hoped that this woman would hold back after this incident and not go against his mom constantly.
George turned around to leave. Right then, four muscular men walked toward him.
“This is a great job. Our employer says that she’s the most beautiful woman in Sea City. She’s supposed to be a gorgeous woman whom countless rich men have failed to pursue, but she’s in our hands now.” George instantly stopped walking. He raised his head and looked at the approaching four men. All of them were at least 1.8 m tall, and every one of them looked fierce. Bad intentions flashed in their eyes. If these men entered the meeting room, it would not matter what they did. Adina would not stand a chance.

The four men did not notice the child standing in the corner, and they continued their discussion in hushed voices.
“I saw the woman at the event just now. Her legs are really long, and she has big boobs.” “Stop thinking about that. Our main mission is to kill the woman, or else, we won’t receive the $5,000,000.” “Killing a woman is easy. Anyway, I want to have some fun with her first before we kill her.” George’s gaze instantly became profound and cold. His mom wanted to kill Adina!
Adina was ultimately still his mom’s sister. How could his mom be so cruel?
George took a step back and pulled out his phone to make a call. Meanwhile, Adina was sitting in the meeting room. She felt so bored that she took her phone out and read the news,
There was already a report on her speech from the event earlier, Xavier Corporation’s new product did not attract a lot of attention. Clearly, the netizens were more interested in the fact that she had become the third biggest shareholder of Xavier Corporation
(Who said the stepmother and stepdaughter in the Daugherty family are vicious? Show
yourself and receive your punishment!) (Exactly! If they’re really that vicious, why would they give away half of the shares? If I were them, I definitely wouldn’t be so giving.) [Guys, are you blind? Please think before you read the information. The shares in Dew’s hands initially belonged to Adina. Now that Adina’s back, Dew just returned half of it. Besides, Dew hasn’t returned her heiress status! Twenty-five percent of the shares are worth more than $ 1,000,000,000. Even if all your family members worked together, they wouldn’t earn that much money!)
(So, Adina is still the victim. She was forced to fake her death for four years. After she returned, she still couldn’t get back the things that belonged to her! I heard that those shares were handed down from Adina’s mother, but her stepmother’s got her grubby hands on it now. Sigh! I’m really worried about her.)
(If Dew still has any conscience, she should return all her shares!)
“Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a conscience!) .
When Adina swiped through the comments on the Internet, she smiled slightly.
At this point, it was useless even if Dew wanted to pretend to be miserable.
One day, she would force Dew to return her mother’s inheritance. At that moment, someone suddenly knocked on the meeting room door. Adina kept her phone away and casually said, “Come in.”
Four muscular men entered the room, and she frowned.
Just as she was about to ask what was going on, the last muscular man who entered the meeting room locked the door.
The four of them approached her and surrounded her. Adina was always alert. She had already noticed that she might have fallen into a trap. She stood up vigilantly and held one of the glasses tightly. “Are you Adina Daugherty?”