Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 73

Chapter 73

**I’m a daughter of the Xavier family. Who dares to criticize me for being the Marketing Department’s manager?!” Sophia yelled angrily. Adina seemed indifferent as she said, “I have nothing to say, of course. I just feel that it would be better to do some homework before you doubt others. Uncle Richard, the press conference is about to start. Shall we go now?”
Richard nodded before he led Adina to the site of the press conference.
Sophia kicked the table in fury, but the table was so hard that it hurt her toes tremendously.
Xavier Corporation was using a gimmick in this press conference for their new products. They utilized the new concept of intelligent devices as the title, and that attracted a lot of people. Even George, who had recently landed in Sea City and had not recovered from his jet-lag, also decided to attend the press conference this morning.
The intelligence market was booming, and Winters Corporation also planned to invest in the industry. George wanted to see how other companies went about it. His assistant held his invitation and protected him in the hall as they made their way to the last row. Just as they took their seats, Adina showed up with Richard under the spotlights. Under the numerous light sources, Adina’s skin shone brightly, and it looked like she was sparkling… George immediately spotted her. He had seen this woman from the photo and knew that she was incredibly beautiful. However, he never thought that she would be this gorgeous.

People always said that beautiful women were not easy to deal with. But why did he have the urge to approach her when he stared at the woman?
As soon as Adina showed up, the hall burst into a ruckus. After the most beautiful woman in Sea City came back alive, the discussion about her on the Internet never stopped.
The reporters initially went there to fight for a story in their business edition, but as soon as they saw Adina, they decided to also get a story for their entertainment section.
As long as their report had the name “Adina Daugherty,” they did not need to worry about having no views
“Ms. Daugherty, may I know why you’re here in the press conference for Xavier Corporation’s new products
“Ms. Daugherty, may I know what your role is in today’s event?” “Ms. Daugherty, you used to be the heir of Daugherty Corporation, but you’re not back with the Daugherty family now. Can you share with us why?”
“Ms. Daugherty…”
The questions came to her like an avalanche.
Adina smiled faintly. She picked up the nearest microphone and calmly said, “Hello, reporters. I am Adina Daugherty, the designer of the smart chip for Xavier Corporation’s new product. I personally designed the integrated smart chip that’s been embedded into the smart device. This smart chip has a mix of the traditional integrated circuit mode. Based on this…”
Her voice echoed in the hall. . When boring technical words came out of her mouth, people subconsciously wanted to listen to her carefully.
The reporters who were not interested in technology could also briefly understand the new product’s operating concept. “This smart device aims to make our lives more convenient. In the future, Xavier Corporation will keep updating the smart chip so that everyone can fully experience the convenience brought to our lives in the information era.” Adina smiled. “This smart robot will be available on the market in one week. We’re calling for partners to collaborate. We welcome you to contact Xavier Corporation’s Marketing Department. Thank you.”
She then put down the microphone and bowed before everyone in the hall. Following that, loud applause was heard in the hall.
George did not clap his hands. He narrowed his eyes and judged Adina with a fierce gaze.
This woman was excellent.