Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 72

Chapter 72

“He’s Flint Morton. He’s a friend I met overseas. He came to Sea City yesterday, and he didn’t have a place to stay, so I let him stay the night,” she nonchalantly said with a straight face.
When Ethan saw her honest expression, he sighed in relief. “He said that he was the master of this house.”
“No, I didn’t say that!” Flint cowered and explained in a weak voice, “Mr. Xavier, you misheard me… What I meant was that it’s inappropriate for a guest like me to be dressed like this. I-I’ll go and get changed…” He ran away gloomily. “Addy, you’re a single mother. It’s not appropriate to have a man stay overnight in your house. If he doesn’t have a place to stay, you can ask him to stay a night with the Xavier family,” Ethan said sincerely.
Adina nodded obediently and said, “Ethan, don’t worry about me. I’ll go to the Xavier Corporation after I send the kids to preschool.”
Flint stuck his head out and shouted, “Addy, you can go to work. I’ll send Alden and Mel to their preschool.”

When they were abroad, Adina would always let Flint take care of the two kids. The guy might have seemed unreliable, but he was extremely attentive when it came to looking after the kids.
She put their bags at the door and said, “Leave only after you watch them enter the preschool, okay?”
“Hey, Addy, I’m not three years old. Do you have to give me instructions like that? Go to work!”
Only then did Adina grab her bag and get into Ethan’s car. As soon as the car was driven out of the neighborhood, Adina was sharp enough to notice that another car was following them.
Before she spoke, Ethan said, “Addy, when I came in the morning, that car was parked near the entrance of the neighborhood. Once we left, they followed us. It looks like they’re tailing
“When I picked up the kids from preschool yesterday, someone tailed me too.” Adina had a stern look. “I just came back a few days ago. Who did I offend?” “Who else could it besides Dew Daugherty?” Ethan said coldly. “You just obtained 25% of Daugherty Corporation’s shares, It’s like taking a part of them, so why would they spare you that easily?”
Adina frowned, and her heart was filled with contempt.
“Don’t be afraid, Addy.” After the press conference ends, I’ll get a few bodyguards who are good at martial arts to protect you,” Ethan said. “I’ll also send a few people to keep an eye on the preschool. I won’t let the Daugherty family hurt the kids.” Adina nodded. “Thank you, Ethan.”
The car at the back did not let up. It just kept following them from a distance. After they arrived at Xavier Corporation, Adina stepped out, while the other car just stopped in front of Xavier Corporation. Ethan cast a glance at Adina to comfort her before he brought her upstairs. This time, the press conference for Xavier Corporation’s new products was extravagant. It was being held in the lobby on the first floor, the reporters from different media companies had arrived before it began. Adina went to the resting lounge first.
As soon as she went in, she saw Sophia playing with a small robot. “Dad, I told you that you’ve been fooled by Adina. This product isn’t intelligent at all. It doesn’t understand what I say. Will everyone laugh at us during the press conference later?” Richard stared at her coldly. “If you have no clue, don’t spout nonsense. Just stay in the corner.” “Why would I be clueless?” Sophia scoffed. “Isn’t it a smart home robot? I may not know how to develop it, but wouldn’t I know how to use it?” “Sophia, you really have no idea.” Adina entered in her high heels. She smiled faintly, picked up the 20-cm-tall robot, and said, “Xavier, Xavier, sing a nursery rhyme.” The robot immediately played a song. “Sophia, this is a product that Xavier Corporation developed independently. How can you not know that you have to say the robot’s name twice before you give it instructions?” Adina smiled faintly and said, “You don’t even understand your own product. How can you hold the position of Marketing Department Manager?”
Sophia’s expression instantly darkened.