Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 70

Chapter 70

Duke pursed his lips. He moved forward and lifted George by the back of his collar. “Dad, let go of me!” George resisted. “I swear that this is my last time being a hacker…”
Duke threw him aside and sat in front of the laptop.
George thought that his dad would shut down the computer, but he saw Duke put his fingers on the keyboard to type.
Outsiders just knew Duke as a genius in business.
However, only George knew that his dad was a real hacking expert.
When he was three, he had accidentally seen his father fight a foreign hacker using the computer, and that uncovered his talent in the same field. The problem was finally solved with his dad’s help.
Half an hour later…

“F*ck! Is the opponent a demon or what?” Flint threw a punch at the computer. “I was f* cking killed!”
Alden pursed his lips and said in a low voice, “Our opponent changed. The person who came later is a real hacking expert. I’m not as good as him.”
He had been in the hacking field for a year, but he had never encountered those two people.
The former was comparable to him, but the latter was ten times better than him.
He had lost this round.
Adina came out with four dishes and a soup before she glanced over. “Flint, what bad thing did you influence my son to do again?”
Flint stuffed the two laptops under the couch before he calmly said, “Addy, I was just asking him what I should do so that he’d be willing to call me ‘Daddy.’”
“You might stand a chance in your next life,” Adina said indifferently. “Addy, you’re ruthless!” Flint touched his heart and said dramatically. “I’ve pursued you for four years. Even a glacier would melt. How can you be so heartless? Why am I so pitiful…?” Adina was at a loss for words,
He could really become an actor,
Alden pulled his chair out, sat down, and casually said, “Uncle Flint, please come and eat now. Otherwise, Mel’s going to finish all the food.”
Flint was shocked, so he quickly sat at the dining table. He had seen Melody’s appetite. She ate more than him. If he took his time, he would only drink soup in the end.
They ended their meal with laughter and conversation. Flint held a blanket on the couch and refused to leave. “I don’t have a house in Sea City. I’ll stay in your place today.” Adina kicked him in the leg. “I’ll give you money. Book a hotel room.” “No! I have mysophobia. If I sleep in a hotel, I’ll have a rash.” Flint held Melody in his arms and kept crying. “Mel, I love you the most. Your mommy’s chasing me out to sleep on the street. I’ll freeze to death at night. Mel, can you please help me?”
Adina suppressed the urge to roll her eyes and slowly said, “Do you want me to throw you
Right then, Mel suddenly walked away and pushed open the door to the guest room on the
first floor.
Then, she looked at Adina with her big, watery eyes.
Adina understood what Melody meant. She wanted Flint to stay.
Besides relying on her and Alden, Melody trusted a third person, Flint.
Perhaps because Flint was the only adult male in Melody’s life, she naturally trusted and relied on him.
Adina pursed her lips and said, “You have three days. You need to get out of my house after that.” 1 Flint carried Melody and held her up high. “Haha! Awesome! Mel, you’re my lucky star!”