Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 7

“Grandmother, I came back to make a business deal with the Xavier family.” 

Adina opened her bag and took out a set of documents. 

She placed them on the table and said coolly, “I majored in computer science, and over the past few years, I did postgraduate studies in Harfard and developed a smart chip. It’s not sold in the market yet, and I’m currently searching for business partners. I hope that the Xavier Corporation may become one.” 

“Hmph. Adina, aren’t you tooting your own horn? Why should we work with you just because you asked us?” Sophia pouted in disdain. “The Xaviers own one of the top ten corporations in Sea City, and plenty of companies are begging grandpa and grandma to work with them, but they don’t even spare them a glance! So why should you be any different?” 

Madam Xavier was about to speak, but Richard interrupted her. 

He took a step forward and said, “Mom, Adina is my niece, and I pity her too, but we can’t do business with her just because we pity her. Right now, Xavier Corporation is trying to enter the IoT market. It’s tough, and we can’t bend the rules just because Addy needs it.” 

“We’ve already bought a copyright for a smart chip abroad and are about to enter the production stage. Why should we change our business partner just because of what she said?” 

“Come on, Adina just wants to use this partnership to get money from Grandma. It’s obvious, isn’t it?” 

“You’re supposed to be dead. Why did you come back here?” 

“Grandma loves her a lot. Her name is definitely in the will…” 

“She’s a Daugherty! Why should she have a share? And she even brought so much shame to us in the past…” 

The family members didn’t shy away from sharing their opinions. They had always been fighting among themselves, but this time, they showed a rare sense of solidarity. 

Madam Xavier had longed for her granddaughter to come back, and after four years, she was finally willing to do so, but she had to face such animosity from her own family. Her temper flared as she listened to it. 

However, before Madam Xavier could say anything, a soft voice spoke up. 

Alden was a quiet boy, but he would not just stand by and do nothing when his mother was attacked. 

He took a step forward and looked at Richard. “Granduncle, did Xavier Corporation buy the rights for Ander Corporation’s MCP12?” 

Richard frowned. “How did you know?” 

“I also know that while that chip promises smooth operations, it’s not perfect and can’t receive many commands. However, if you use AMP1 and RIWE-34, it will improve the chip,” Alden stated coolly. “But if you want the company to get a slice of pie in the AI market, you shouldn’t choose this chip.” 

He was just four and could not be seen in a crowd of people, but his words made the adults’ expressions change. 

The younger generation who did not work in Xavier Corporation did not understand what he just said, but Richard and many others did. 

His assistant had mentioned every single thing the boy said, and he had also thought about modifying the chip, but this was a new market, and even multinational companies could not produce perfect chips. Hence, Xavier Corporation could only make do with the chip they chose. 

The scorn in Richard’s eyes finally faded away. “H-How do you know so much about it?” 

When he was four, he was still playing with mud. He did not even know what smart chips were, much less how they worked. 

“Mommy taught me!” Alden said. “Mommy is known as a chip genius by Harfard lecturers. If you work with Mommy, you’ll have a bright future.” 

Adina stroked her son’s hair while feeling resigned. 

Alden was the true genius. 

He had been interested in computers since birth and was already a hacker at the age of four. 

Alden had helped her develop the chip. Otherwise, she would not have managed to do it so swiftly. 

Adina pushed the contract over and said faintly, “Uncle Richard, you should read the description of my chip in the contract first.” 

Richard opened the contract with complicated feelings. 

Then, he froze in place. 

Xavier Corporation had spent three months and hired more than one hundred programmers to develop their chip, but they hadn’t managed to make one that could let them gain a standing in the market. Yet Adina had done it. 

If the smart chip she developed could really deliver as the contract stated, Xavier Corporation could rise to the top of the IoT market! 

“Addy, have you sold this chip to any company?” Richard asked with suppressed delight. 

“Not for the time being,” Adina answered in her usual cool voice. 

“I’ll sign the contract now!” Richard stated and asked for a pen. 

Sophia’s eyes went wide. “Dad, have you gone mad? Can’t you see that Adina and her b*stard are just lying to you?”