Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 65

Chapter 65
The plate of spaghetti contained tomatoes, which gave the sauce a completely different color from water.
When the sauce splashed onto Adina’s chest, her top immediately got wet, and the outline of her bra became visible.
Harold was terrified. Auntie Adina finally came to see him, but he did such a stupid thing. “I’ll wipe it for you…” He quickly went to get some tissues and wipe Adina’s chest.
Duke suddenly frowned.

He did not like Harold touching the woman there.
He stood up indifferently and said, “Ms. Daugherty, you should go and get changed.” Adina used the tissues to cover her chest. She could feel that her top and bra had gotten wet. She definitely could not leave the house with her outfit looking like that.
She pursed her lips and said, “I’d like to take a shower and dry my shirt. I wonder if it’s convenient for you, Mr. Winters?”
“Yes, of course!”
Harold immediately nodded before he held Adina’s hand and walked upstairs. He pushed open the door to a room on the second floor. “This is my room. I have many new
clothes in my closet. Auntie Adina, you can choose any one of them.” When he opened the closet door, it revealed all kinds of cool clothes for boys. Adina was speechless. No matter how skinny her figure was, she would never be able to fit in a child’s clothes, right? “Ms. Daugherty, there are some women’s dresses.” Duke was somehow standing at the door now, and he spoke to her nonchalantly, Adina patted Harold on the head before she followed Duke to the room next door,
There was a big closet in the room, and it was full of different luxurious branded dresses. The price tags had not been removed, so she could tell that they were new.
“You can choose any one of them,” Duke said indifferently as he sat on the couch.
Adina pursed her lips. Thank you, Mr. Winters.”. She walked to the closet and simply took out a white dress. Just as she was about to take the dress to the bathroom, she saw a sticky note on the dress
A name was written on the sticky note. (Dew Daugherty) These clothes had been prepared for Dew! She suddenly felt like she was holding something dirty, so she immediately put it back. The Winters family had actually prepared some clothes for Dew, so it could only mean that Dew and Duke were closer than she had imagined. Adina suddenly did not want to change her clothes. She pursed her lips and said, “I think I better go home and get changed. I’ll leave first, Mr. Winters.”
Duke squinted. He could feel the woman’s emotions change drastically after she saw the clothes. The clothes were new. Was there anything wrong with them? “Ms. Daugherty, your face is sufficient to trigger people into committing a crime. What do you think would happen if you went out in this outfit?”
Adina lowered her head.
She saw that the front of her top had become transparent due to the wetness, and her pink lace bra could be clearly seen.
It was inappropriate for her to go out like that.. She took a deep breath. “Okay, I’ll dry my shirt then.” Duke got up and left the room before he walked back in a while with another shirt in his hand. “This is my shirt. If you don’t mind, you can put it on for the time being.”
He threw the shirt over, and Adina quickly caught it. She would rather wear Duke’s shirt than touch anything that belonged to Dew. She held the shirt and walked into the bathroom. Pitter-patter!