Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 62

Chapter 62

She had investigated the business situation in Sea City, and she could tell that Winters Corporation dominated it. If she could work with Winters Corporation, it would be like boarding a safe ship. She could just wait to receive money. But why would Duke choose her? Was it just because the professor from Harfard University recommended her? She had not been the only student talented in designing chips at Harfard University. She had only managed to be ranked third best. While Adina contemplated in silence, she finally arrived at the Winters’ family villa.
It was situated halfway up the mountain. The three-story independent villa was not very big, but the pool, garden, and playground occupied at least one thousand square feet. This was the real mansion.
“Mr. Winters, I’ll think about the collaboration. I’ll give you my answer in three days.”
Adina wore a polite faint smile as she spoke.
Duke opened the door, nodded, and said, “I’ll await your good news then.”
Soon after, he walked toward the villa.
Just as Adina was about to start driving, she saw that a black men’s wallet had been left behind in the passenger seat.
Duke had been the only other person in her car. So, she picked up the wallet and got out. “Mr. Winters, you left your wallet!” she shouted. Harold was reading on the second floor when suddenly, he heard a clear and familiar voice.

He instantly widened his eyes and rushed to the balcony.
A woman in a beige suit was standing at the entrance of the villa on the first floor.
The woman was smiling, and she shone brightly under the sun.
Harold had been gloomy for the past few days, but his sadness disappeared at that moment,
He rushed downstairs without any regard for everything else.
Mr. Brown was so startled that he immediately chased after Harold. “Young Master, stop
running Come back, now! The sir is back. If you rush out like this, he will be mad…”
Unfortunately, Mr. Brown was old. How could he catch the boy, who was running speedily? Harold did not have the time to care if his dad would be angry. He just knew that he wanted to see the woman very much!
He did not want to miss the opportunity.
Right after Adina handed the wallet to Duke, a falr, cuddly boy suddenly rushed toward her
and immediately held her thigh.
Then, the boy used all his limbs to climb up to her arms before he placed his arms around her neck.
“Waaa! Auntie Adina, you’ve finally come to visit me!”
Harold held her as spoke in between tears.
Adina snapped out of her daze after she was taken aback for a few seconds. She looked up at Duke and silently asked by moving her mouth, “Is your son all right?”
“Sir, it’s my fault for not looking after the young master. I’ll bring him upstairs right away!”
Mr. Brown was late. He walked over and tried to carry Harold away.
However, the boy kept holding on to Adina’s neck and refused to let go.
Mr. Brown was worried that he would hurt the young master, so he dared not exert too much strength. He was so anxious that his head was covered in sweat.
“Harold, you’re grabbing my hair,” Adina said indifferently.
The boy released his grip, as though he had been electrocuted. He felt guilty as he looked at her.