Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 61

Chapter 61

Adina opened the car door and got into the driver’s seat.
Just as she was about to start the engine, the door to the passenger seat opened.
Duke bent down and got in the car. He looked calm and relaxed as if he was in his own car.
Adina flashed him a sarcastic smile. “What are you doing, Mr. Winters?”
“My car broke down. Please send me back.” Duke leaned back in the seat as he spoke nonchalantly. “It won’t be a waste of your time.”
Adina moved her hands away from the steering wheel before she calmly said, “I believe that the Daugherty family members would be willing to send you back. Should I call Dew?”

“Are you really afraid of being alone with me?”
Duke suddenly lowered his body, and his cold face moved a few inches closer to Adina.
They could feel each other’s breath, and for some reason, the air between them became flirty.
Adina’s heart fluttered all of a sudden.
She pretended to remain calm as she turned around and held the steering wheel. “Thank you for saving my daughter at the Xavier family’s banquet last time. This will be my way of repaying you,” she said indifferently. She started the engine and drove steadily on the road. Duke noticed that she would habitually drive on the left side. It looked like she had truly lived abroad in the past.
He suddenly became very interested in her life over the past four years.
However, this woman had her walls set up high around him. He guessed that no matter what he asked her, she would not answer.
He leaned back in his seat and calmly said, “I came to you this time because I wanted to discuss a collaboration with you.”. Adina did not look to the side as she continued driving. “Go on. What’s this collaboration about?”
“The Winters Corporation is involved in a wide range of industries. We’ve been targeting the automobile industry in the last few years. I’ve always wanted to embed a smart chip in the cars and make the cars achieve true intelligence.” Duke’s cold and deep voice echoed in the car.” But there are too few people who can develop such smart chips in the country. I’ve had this idea for two years, yet I haven’t been able to realize it. Ms. Daugherty, would you be interested in it?»
Adina squinted. “Mr. Winters, have you been looking into my background?”
Only the Xavier family knew that she could develop smart chips.
Even though Sophia was ignorant of important matters, she would never expose a trade secret.
So, the only possibility was that this man had secretly checked her out.
“Ms. Daugherty, are you perhaps overthinking things? Why would I suddenly look into you?” Duke sized her up with a sharp gaze. “Although you’re beautiful and you live up to your title as the most beautiful woman in Sea City, there’s no need for me to get someone to investigate you.”
Adina pursed her lips. If he did not scope her out, how did he discover her talent in developing chips? “When the Winters Corporation went overseas to recruit programming talents, a professor from Harfard University recommended an Adina Daugherty to me,” Duke said elegantly.” Adina Daugherty is a programming genius.’ That was the compliment from the Harfard University professor. The genius should be you, right?” Adina felt slightly embarrassed. She had really been overthinking things.
She was too paranoid! “Mr. Winters, I think your idea is pretty interesting. I’ll have to look at the relevant documents in question to confirm whether we can work together,” she said leisurely. She had been busy establishing her studio over the past few days. It was naturally great if someone reached out to her for a collaboration at this time. Yet, she somehow had a feeling that this man was very dangerous. Since she had two kids, she acted very carefully no matter what she did. She was afraid of losing everything if she acted otherwise. She could not afford that.
“Winters Corporation is a huge enterprise, and our business model is well-developed. If you collaborate with Winters Corporation, you basically won’t need to consider any risk.” Duke continued to say, “Of course, if you have your concerns and want to turn down this collaboration, I’ll also respect your decision.” Adina held the steering wheel and drove quietly. But her mind was fully occupied with her thoughts.