Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Old Mrs. Daugherty no longer had the strength to support herself. She got to her feet with the help of the housekeeper. Adina also got up. She held Old Mrs. Daugherty’s right hand. “Grandma, I’ll help you in.” Old Mrs. Daugherty nodded. Then, the two of them went into the resting lounge. The atmosphere dining hall was still chirpy.
This was the first time Duke visited the Daugherty family, so all the family members thought that the marriage between the family and the Winters family was a done deal.
“Duke, they have recently released a new movie. You should go and watch it with Dew in the afternoon,” Ruby grinned and said, “After the movie, you can go shopping for a while before you have a candlelight dinner. How romantic that would be!”
Dew shyly lowered her head. She wanted it, but she still said, “Duke should be very busy in the afternoon. How would we have the time for a movie?”
“Well, no matter how busy you are, you still have to take some time to cultivate the relationship with your girlfriend,” Sammy said. “You’ve been in a relationship for about four years already, so you should plan for the wedding. Duke, please don’t mind me blabbering. Look, Dew is not young anymore. If you keep delaying it, she will be an old lady. The sooner you hold a wedding, the better it is…”

Halfway through her sentence, an icy gaze was cast.
Sammy felt a cold shiver down her spine.
Duke flashed a cold smile. “First of all, I don’t have a girlfriend. Secondly, I won’t marry Dew Daugherty. Thirdly, even if Dew turns into an old lady, that’s none of my business.”
What he said had cut off the ties between them.
Dew had always known that this man was not willing to marry her, but he never once made it so clear like today.
He also never embarrassed her like today.
Since she became the mother of the young masters of the Winters family, her status had gained significant ground in the Daugherty family. She always abused her right and used the Winters family to suppress the second and third uncles’ families. But now, Duke just tore off her hypocritical, extravagant facade in front of everyone. Her body was shaking, and she nearly fainted.
At that moment, Adina walked out from the resting lounge. She picked up her bag from the dining chair, and she indifferently said, “I have something else to do, so I have to leave first.” “Let’s leave together,” Duke pushed away the chair, got up, and walked out with Adina,
His legs were very long, so he could catch up with Adina after taking two strides. Then, he walked side by side with her and left the villa of the Daugherty family. The grief in Dew’s eyes instantly turned into anger. Duke had suddenly insulted her like this, and that must be because Adina was back!
Adina the bi*ch must have known something!
“Wow, why would Duke suggest leaving with Addy?” Sammy added fuel to the fire, and she sought to rejoice in Dew’s misfortune. “It can be hard to explain the complicated relationship between men and women. Addy doesn’t have anything to do with Duke, right?”
“Aunt Sammy, you can remain quiet if you have nothing else to say.” Dew gritted her teeth.” If I can’t be Mrs. Winters, the Daugherty family will forever be in the secondary family line.” “Dew, why are you so rude to me?” Sammy unhappily said, “When Duke said those harsh words to you just now, you didn’t quarrel with him, either. I’m just telling the truth now, yet you’re venting yourself at me. You’re just bullying me for not having the power to speak in the Daugherty family.” “Exactly! You don’t have the ability to make Duke fall for you. Why are you blaming us?” Becky also added. “Besides, Addy is more beautiful than you, so perhaps she can marry into the Winters family. Addy is a Daugherty family member. If she becomes Mrs. Winters, the Daugherty family can still join the primary family line.” Sammy and Becky echoed each other, which made Dew furious.
She took a deep breath, lowered her voice, and said, “Mom, I can’t put up with her anymore. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Find someone to kill her now!”
Ruby patted her back. “The bi*ch has raised her guard after you failed in the cemetery last time. We have to plan for this. Let’s take it one step at a time…”