Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Dew immediately denied it. She ruthlessly glared at Adina, and she hoped this bi*ch would sensibly leave earlier! However, she was destined to feel disappointed. Adina chuckled.
Now she knew that the Daugherty family had climbed on the Winters family, but Duke did not seem to like Dew. But she did not know why Duke still wanted to stay here and deal with the Daugherty family members when he clearly did not like Dew.
But all this was none of her business.
She just needed to know that the Daugherty family wanted to maintain their dignity in front of Duke.
She smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Winters, we were discussing the shares of the Daugherty Corporation. You can also be our witness.”
Duke seemed to be interested. “Oh, what kind of witness?”

“Addy!” Ruby angrily interrupted Adina. “This is the family matter of the Daugherty family. You don’t have to say it out loud and have the outsider laugh.”
But Old Mrs. Daugherty suddenly said, “Duke is also like our family. It’s nothing for him to know.” Like our family? What did she mean?
Adina was clearly stunned for a while. When she raised her head, she saw that Dew kept staring at Duke. Was the Daugherty family engaged with the Winters family through a marriage? No wonder when the stock price of the Daugherty family almost dropped to a stop a few days ago, the Winters family would come and lend them a hand. It turned out that there was such a relationship between them. Adina discreetly looked down and indifferently said, “Since you’re part of the Daugherty family, you can’t be the witness.”
Dew’s fiance naturally would take Dew’s side. She did not need to say these rights and wrongs out to establish another enemy for herself.
However, Duke was very interested in this,
He knocked on the table with his slim and long fingers, and he indifferently said, “Mrs. Daugherty, what you said is not correct, I was never a member of the Daugherty family. Didn’t Miss Dew Daugherty know about this?”
Dew’s face turned pale.
She had been with Duke for so long, but he always called her Miss Daugherty. The “Miss Dew Daugherty” made her anxiously realize that Adina was back, and the bi*ch was the real woman who slept with Duke. Her true face would be exposed one day, and she would be hated and abandoned.
She did not allow this thing to happen! Dew’s lips shivered, and she forced a smile. “Grandma, Duke and I are not what you think. Please don’t say that anymore.” Old Mrs. Daugherty pursed her wrinkled lips. In her perspective, her granddaughter had given birth to his sons, so he naturally had to marry her granddaughter. But the Winters family was too powerful, so she did not have any ability to make Duke be responsible for Dew. She used to advise Dew to give up, but Dew refused.

So she also did not want to bother them.

Duke leaned on the chair. “Okay, Miss Adina Daugherty, please continue.” Adina did not know what this man meant.
Tonight was the private banquet of the Daugherty family, but Duke had suddenly shown up. This could state that his personal relationship with the Daugherty family was pretty good.. Since their relationship was quite good, why did he keep humiliating Dew? Was this how Duke and Dew usually got along? Forget it. Overthinking matters was meaningless, and it did not have anything to do with her. Adina pursed her blushed lips, and she said, “Mr. Winters, you should’ve heard about me, right? I died four years ago…”