Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Alden’s voice was very cold, and he emitted an imposing aura, which caused the children on the spot to not have any strength to resist. Basically, all the kids who laughed at Melody were given a nickname. Alden never liked to use people’s appearance to attack them, but these kids should not laugh at Melody
Since they dared laugh at Melody, they should also experience how it felt to be laughed at.
Indeed, after Alden gave nicknames to the four girls, the other boys in the class laughed and shouted.
“Blackie! Leaky Rat! Fatty! We’ll call you these names!”
The girls instantly cried because of anger.
The cries were heard in the classroom.

When Ava came after she heard the sounds, the four girls cried as they went to complain.
“Teacher, Alden gave us nicknames!” “Teacher, Alden laughed at me for being fat. Aaah!”
Ava was slightly startled. The boy, Alden, looked very educated. He should not have done this kind of despicable thing,
“Teacher, they said giving nicknames will make us closer, so they called Melody ‘Little Mute’. I also gave them nicknames as a courtesy,” Alden indifferently said, “Other people can also testify.”
The boys around also nodded. “Yes, they called Melody Little Mute first, so Alden gave them nicknames.”
Since they had said that, would Ava still not understand?
Yesterday, she knew that there would be two transfer students in her class, and one of them was an autistic child.
She firmly said to Alden’s mother that she would take good care of Melody, but this happened on their first day.
Ava took some tissues to the girls who cried to wipe off their tears before she strictly said, ” Now you know it feels bad to be called by a nickname, right?”
The girls gasped due to crying, “Ye… yes.”
“If you continue calling Melody Little Mute, then other classmates can also continue calling you by your nicknames, and I won’t stop them,” Ava indifferently said, “If you don’t want other classmates to call you nicknames, you have to promise that you won’t laugh at Melody again. Can you do that?”
The five-year-old girls were at the age when they cared about their appearances.
No girls would be able to bear being criticized for having dark skin and being fat. As soon as Ava spoke, the girls nodded. They even held hands and walked to Melody. “Sorry, Melody. We shouldn’t laugh at you. Can you forgive us?”
Melody did not have any reaction. Alden said, “I also shouldn’t give a nickname to your appearances. Sorry.” The girls immediately smiled. “It’s okay, we made a mistake first. Alden, can we be friends with you and Melody?”
“Of course.”
Alden indifferently nodded. He did not need friends, but his sister needed them. If these people sincerely treated Melody, he would also sincerely accept these people to be in his and Melody’s world. When Ava saw that the children were harmoniously playing again, she finally sighed in relief. She turned back and went to the office to get some teaching materials. As soon as she walked into the office, she heard some voices from the office, and they even mentioned the names of the two students who were transferred today…