Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 45

Chapter 45

The admission procedure for the two kids was settled very quickly. Al 10 the next 170mm. Adina sent the kids to kindergarten.
“Alden, take good care of your sister 11 anything happens, call me, okay?”
Alden obediently nodded. “Mommy, you can go to work I’ll take yood care of Mal.”
Adina caressed her kids’ heads and she kept turning back as she left
It was only after her departing silhouette disappeared from the entrance of the kindergarten that Alden held Melody’s hand and walked into the kindergarten,
They were arranged at the Ninth Class as the new transfer students. The te her of the class was a young female teacher in her twenties, and her name was Ava Jones
As soon as Ava saw these two beautiful children, she immediately liked them
“Hi, you’re Alden Daugherty, and this should be your sister, Melody, right?”

Alden politely answered, “Hi, I’m Alden Daugherty, and this is my sister, Melody Daugherty, We’ll be students of the Ninth Class. We’re happy to be here.”
His speed of talking was neither fast nor slow, and he spoke eloquently. His gaze was clean and sensible, and he did not have stage fright at all.
Ava touched their heads before she turned back and introduced them to other kids, “They are our new classmates. All of you can be friends.”
Everyone liked their good-looking new classmates. The kids also expressed their strong, enthusiasm to welcome them.
During the break, all the children surrounded them, but they soon realized that Melody, their new classmate, would not speak.
“Melody, I’m talking to you. Why do you ignore me?”
“Melody, you are so pretty. I want to be your friend. Can you look at me?”
“Melody, are you mute?”
As soon as this was said, Alden’s expression instantly became cold.
He pushed his sister behind him before he stared at the girl who spoke, and said coldly, “What did you say? Try to say it again!”
Children who studied in this kindergarten were kids from rich families, and they grew up being pampered by their parents. Even their teachers dared not speak harshly to these kids. When the girl was coldly treated by Alden in front of everyone, she angrily spoke loudly, “I said she is mute, so what? We’ve talked to her for so long, but she didn’t answer at all. If she is not mute, what is she?”
A few girls from the side, who were jealous of Melody’s beauty, also came forward. “Hmph! Since she doesn’t speak, we will call her by a nickname. She will be called Little Mute!” “Haha! Little Mute! This nickname sounds good!”
“Blek! Melody Daugherty is Little Mute!”
Melody did not respond at all when she was surrounded and called Little Mute.
She stared blankly out of the window with her big eyes, as if the people and sounds around her did not exist
Alden gently patted her back before he looked up. He stared at the girls who provoked him with a cold and sharp gaze.
He chuckled. “It’s unfair to call my sister by that nickname. Why don’t I also give a nickname to each of you? We can all call each other nicknames.”
He stared at the first girl, scoffed, and said, “Your skin is so dark. I’ll call you Blackie.”
The girl was shocked.
She knew she had dark skin, but her family was rich, so nobody dared to laugh at her. But this new boy dared to call her by this nickname!
Before she was able to resist, Alden spoke again. “Your tooth is missing. I’ll call you Leaky Rat.” “You’re so fat. You’ll be called Fatty.”