Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Golden Sun was a prestigious kindergarten. It looked like a castle. Dew held Harold’s hand to walk inside, but her hand was swung away by Harold fiercely. Her gaze was filled with coldness, but she forcefully suppressed it. “Harold, this is your dad’s decision. Why are you angry at me?”. “Do I look angry to you?” Harold scoffed. “I just don’t want you to touch me.”
Dew was so angry that she nearly lost her composure.
She took a deep breath. “You’d better behave well and not cause any trouble, or I won’t be able to explain it to your father.”
“Aren’t we handling the suspension procedure now? What trouble can I cause?” Harold looked irritated. “Quickly go and sign. I’ll wait for you outside.”
“You’d better wait here. If you dare run away, your dad won’t spare you.”
Dew turned back on her high heels, and anger kept filling her heart.
She should have strangled Harold, the bas*ard, to death.

She raised him, and he just kept causing her trouble! Harold sat on the staircase outside the teaching building, and he looked very unhappy. After finishing the suspension procedure, it would not be so easy if he wanted to leave the Winters family.
He used to think going to kindergarten was childish, and it was very boring to sing and dance every day, so he always sneaked out to play in every class.
But compared to being grounded in the Winters family, he would rather sing and dance with these childish kids everyday…
While Harold felt bored, he saw that a car stopped in front of the kindergarten, and a group of four people got out. His eyes instantly brightened.
It was Auntie Adina!
And there was Mel!
But who was the boy who held Mel’s hand?
Harold squinted,
He recalled that at the airport a few days ago, it was this boy who pushed him away, and he even called Auntie Adina mommy, So, this boy was Auntie Adina’s son and also Mel’s brother!
For no reason, Harold felt very unhappy,
This unhappiness made him emit a cold aura. The group of four, who walked far away, did not notice him.
Adina held the two kids’ hands and walked into the kindergarten. She whispered, “Alden, you accompany Mel to familiarize yourselves with the environment of the kindergarten. We’ll go inside and talk to the teacher.”
She had to tell the teacher about Mel’s disorder in detail. If the teacher was willing to accept her, only then they would continue talking about it.
Adina and Ethan walked into the teachers’ office.
The person who received them was a young female teacher. “Hello, Mr. Xavier, Miss Daugherty. I heard about the kid’s situation from Mr. Xavier. Actually, autism is a very common disorder, and our kindergarten also has accepted a lot of students like this. If you send an autistic child to a special needs school, you will make the child realize that she is different, and she will close herself more. A
“But if you send the child to a normal kindergarten, after being influenced by the normal, cheerful children, autistic children will slowly want to approach everyone, and it will also slowly reduce the illness. Our school has experience in this aspect, so you can rest assured.”
The young female teacher spoke about all the problems, which made Adina’s last bit of worry disappear.
Alden took Melody to the swings. The little girl was dressed in a puffy princess dress. When she swung up high, her skirt fluttered in the wind.
She also flashed the ghost of a smile. Melody looked so pretty when she smiled. Harold hid behind the tree, and he greedily stared at Melody’s smiling face.
How great it would be if she was his biological sister. He could then openly play with her,
His gaze became stunned, and he suddenly thought about something. Then, he turned around and ran away Alden cast a glance at his departing silhouette, and he flashed a cold smile,