Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 42

Chapter 42

The boy leaned on Old Mrs. Xavier’s knees and said with a soft voice, “Mel just likes to eat Mommy’s food. She slims down these days because we are staying with the Xavier family.” Old Mrs. Xavier chuckled. “If I don’t let your mommy cook, will I be a bad person?” “No, I just want you to try Mommy’s cooking. It’s really good.” Alden blinked. “You’ll know when you try.” “Alden, you’re really a good boy!” Old Mrs. Xavier affectionately caressed Alden’s head. He was just a four-year-old boy. Not only did he take care of his sister, but he also helped Addy handle a lot of work. Considerate boys like this were really lovely. Meanwhile, Adina prepared food in the kitchen.
The two kids were born prematurely, so they were weaker than their peers since they were little. When they reached the age that they could eat proper food, they also refused to eat. So, she started researching how to cook Before she was eighteen years old, she was a lady who did not do house chores. But after she had two kids, she started trying everything. Then, she slowly liked the feeling of cooking. She liked to use all sorts of ingredients to prepare nutritious and delicious food, and she liked to see people she loved finish the food she cooked. This was the simplest happiness to her. An hour later, the dining table was served with five dishes and a bowl of soup. There was chicken ham that was suitable for the old lady, pumpkin soup and chicken wings that suited the children, steak and chicken chops that smelled good, and a bowl of mushroom soup. “Addy, did you make these?” Old Mrs. Xavier looked disbelieved . “Your cooking skills are on par with the chefs in restaurants.” Alden picked up a slice of chicken ham and put it into Old Mrs. Xavier’s bowl. “Great Grandma, once you try this, you will know Mommy’s cooking is better than those chefs.” Old Mrs. Xavier took a bite with suspicion, and she became more surprised. The chicken slice was smooth and soft, and it just melted in her mouth. It was tastier than those that she had eaten before.
“Addy, you’re amazing!” Old Mrs. Xavier took a bite, and her eyes were full of shock, “The chef in the Xavier family is not even half as good as you.” Adina chuckled, “Why do you sound so dramatic?” But the performance of the people at the dining table proved that it was not just theatrics. Her cooking was really good. Melody lowered her head and focused on eating. She finished her food in a few minutes, then

helantahawanted to eat more
Alden, who was calm and reserved, licked his lips before he added more food onto his own plate. Old Mrs. Xavier was old, and she did not have a good appetite. She usually was full after eating half a plate, but she too refilled her plate with food today. All the food on the table was finished by the five of them. “Addy, you can run a restaurant with your cooking skills. It’ll be very famous,” Ethan sincerely said. Adina smiled faintly and said, “I’m not interested in running a restaurant. But speaking of this, I want to ask you for two favors, Ethan.”
She paused for a while before she resumed. “I plan to open my own studio, so I need to rent an office. Please keep an eye out for me. Besides, Alden and Mel are four years old, so they should go to kindergarten now. Ethan, do you have any good kindergartens that can be introduced to me? It would be best if they could accept a special child like Mel.” Ethan nodded. “Grandma has asked me to find some kindergartens. Golden Sun International Bilingual Kindergarten has top-notch resources and facilities. Most importantly, they treat every child equally. If you’re free in the afternoon, we can go over and take a look first.”
Her children were always the top priority for Adina. She postponed the matters in the afternoon as she decided to take the children over to take a look.
At this time, in front of Golden Sun International Bilingual Kindergarten, Dew brought Harold out of the car.