Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 41

Chapter 41

When Winters Corporation announced their new project collaborator, it shocked everyone. At this critical time, Winters Corporation actually chose to cooperate with Daugherty Corporation. This was something that no one had expected. “The stock price of Daugherty Corporation is going down. Why would Winters Corporation choose this company?” “These two companies never cooperated in the past. Why would they cooperate at this crucial moment? Unless Winters Corporation helps Daugherty Corporation, Daugherty Corporation will be ruined this time.” “Daugherty Corporation is really lucky!” “The members of the Daugherty family really have some tricks up their sleeve! They were actually able to cling on to the Winters family.” “Would anyone still dare to offend the Daugherty family this time?” “Not at all! They have all run away!”
The share price of Daugherty Corporation was restored to the normal level in half a day. It was like the crisis last night had never happened.
When Adina read the news that had been posted online and was constantly updated, she kept frowning
She thought that she could hurt the Daugherty family greatly this time, but she did not expect that the Daugherty family still would have a backup. The Winters family..

Even if the Daugherty family were to be multiplied by ten, they would not be able to be on par with the Winters family.
When the Winters family protected them, she was unable to deal with Dew.
Adina let out a long sigh. “A few years ago, there were some rumors about Duke Winters wanting to marry Dew. I thought those were just rumors,” Ethan said, voice deep. “In this case, the Daugherty family still has a good relationship with the Winters family. Although they are not connected by marriage, the Winters family is at least willing to lend a hand to the Daugherty family when they are down. This is worth thinking over.”
“No one can rely on others for their whole life. Can the Daugherty family rely on the Winters family forever?” Old Mrs. Xavier said indifferently, “The Winters family helped the Daugherty family because of loyalty, but it doesn’t mean the Daugherty family can rely on the Winters family and live their lives without worries. Addy, we can’t rush some things. We must take things slow.”
Adina smiled faintly and said, “Grandma, let’s not think about this. Ethan, please help me clean up the living room.” In the early morning, Adina brought her two kids and moved to the villa.
This place was located at the city center in Sea City, and it was a high-end neighborhood with a market price that was nearly six figures. It was a detached two-storey cottage, and the surroundings were very elegant and quiet, which was very suitable for living. Adina liked the surroundings here very much. It was very similar to the place where she lived abroad. Alden was gardening in the yard while Melody was sitting on the rattan chair sunbathing. The situation was quiet and nice. They did not have much stuff, so they finished unpacking in less than an hour. “Grandma, Ethan, please don’t leave now. It’s noon. I’ll prepare lunch for you,” Adina put on the apron while she said. Old Mrs. Xavier’s expression instantly darkened. “Addy, you’re my granddaughter. You should be treated like the treasure you are. How can you do this kind of rough work?” i
As she said that, she turned back and ordered, “Ethan, let the chef of the Xavier family come and cook three meals everyday….”
“Grandma, I really don’t need that!” Adina felt slightly helpless. “It’s just cooking. I already got used to it in the last four years. It’s nothing to me.”
“Addy, you’ve suffered so much…” Old Mrs. Xavier held her hand, and her eyes were teary. “If your mother was still alive, you wouldn’t have suffered like this…”
“Great Grandma, Mommy’s cooking is very delicious!” Alden was in time to come in and interrupt Old Mrs. Xavier’s painful reminiscence.