Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 40

Chapter 40
After a long time, a childish but deep voice finally came from the other end of the line. “Mom, why are you calling me?”
“George, only you can help me now. I’ve run out of options…”
Dew covered her lips, and her tears kept falling.
She said in a sobbing tone, “Someone is viciously attacking Daugherty Corporation. There’s tons of negative news about Daugherty Corporation on the Internet now. The corporation’s stock prices have also dropped to the minimum now. If this progresses, the company will need to announce bankruptcy…”
While she spoke, there were audible tapping sounds from the keyboard on the other end of the line.
A while later, the deep voice could be heard again. “Mom, Daugherty Corporation has a lot of wealth, so it won’t go bankrupt just because of this. All the negative rumors on the Internet now are based on a fifty-four-second surveillance video. Mom, may I know if you’re the person in the video?”
“It’s not me… Why would it be me?” Dew instinctively started to deny it. “Someone purposely made that fake video to take down the Daugherty family!”

Tapping sounds on the keyboard rang out again. The deep voice had a cold quality to it. “There are no traces of manual edits on the surveillance video. Mom, why are you lying?”
Dew suddenly panicked.
Why did she forget that George was way more intelligent than a normal person?
she must have been blinded by anger. She had actually lied to George.
She took a deep breath, “I’m sorry, George. I didn’t mean to lie to you. Your grandpa forced me to do this, so I had no choice … I was afraid that you would misunderstand me for being a cruel and vicious woman, so I dared not admit it. George, help me delete the video, okay?”
After George uttered that word, he did not speak anymore,
He sat in front of his computer and stared at the screen with his black eyes.
The video that lasted for fifty seconds was easily broken down into countless scenes, and the scenes were ripped into pieces in the blue background before they were thrown into the bin.
Just when he thought that he was going to succeed, suddenly the ripped scenes automatically recovered and formed the original video.
The video could not be removed!
George squinted.
He had been gifted in computing since he was younger, and he was especially gifted in hacking.
Frankly speaking, if he participated in a hacker competition, he should be able to get first place easily.
But now, he could not even get rid of a simple video.
“George? Are you still around, George?”
Dew’s nervous voice came from the other end of the phone.
George frowned discreetly but respectfully said, “Mom, the video has been added with a password by the hacker, so it’s not easy to remove it. I’ll contemplate it.”
“What? Even you can’t delete it?” Dew was extremely disappointed. “Where did that bitch, Adina, hire her hacker from? Even if you can’t deal with them!”
“Mom, if the news on the Internet is correct, Adina should be my aunt. What conflict do you have with her?” George asked indifferently.
“Well… I have too many conflicts with her! George, bear this in mind. Your aunt’s a selfish person. She almost caused the Daugherty family to go bankrupt five years ago. Now, she’s become more aggravated. She insists on destroying the Daugherty family! Your grandparents have fallen sick because of anger, and I haven’t slept for the whole night. I’m having a severe headache right now…” Dew started crying again. “If this video can’t be removed, those netizens on the Internet won’t spare me. What should I do…?”
“Maybe we can do this.” George pursed his lips. “I recently became in charge of a project, and I haven’t confirmed my collaborator yet. If I make the announcement to cooperate with Daugherty Corporation, maybe it can distract the Internet’s attention.”
“George, do you really mean it?” Dew became extremely happy All these years, she had used countless ways to connect Daugherty Corporation to the Winters family,
However, Duke had turned down their collaboration for different reasons all the time
She did not expect to actually benefit from this misfortune!
If Daugherty Corporation achieved a collaboration with Winters Corporation, Daugherty Corporation would immediately get promoted to an unattainable height.