Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 39

Chapter 39

After Aaron held the press conference, public opinion on the Internet did become slightly better.
The price of their stocks, which had been going down, also gradually started to increase.
Everything seemed to be developing in a good direction.
However, in less than half an hour, a video broke the fake harmony.
The netizens who watched the show without participating in the discussion could not help but express their opinions as well.
“Oh, my goodness! What era is she living in? She dares to hire hitmen to murder people! How bold of her!”
“Those people are clearly Dew’s bodyguards, and they wanted to kill Adina!”
“Luckily, Adina was smart. She grabbed Dew as her hostage in time. Otherwise, she would have definitely died in that graveyard.”
“She’s capable of doing such a ruthless act to her own family. Would she be more vicious when she deals with her competitors in business?”
“Daugherty Corporation has undergone considerable development. They must have used a lot of vicious tactics. The government has to investigate Daugherty Corporation. They’ll find a lot of shocking secrets!”

“I also support investigating Daugherty Corporation!”
Dew was furious.
Had she not asked her people to destroy the graveyard’s surveillance footage? How did that bi* ch, Adina, manage to find it?
Although she was angry, she still had to handle public opinion on the Internet,
If this continued to progress in such a way, the price of Daugherty Corporation’s stocks would definitely drop until it stopped.
*Dew, no matter how much it costs, you have to remove this surveillance video! Ruby gritted her teeth and said, “You’ll have to marry into the Winters family and become Mrs. Winters, The presence of this video is affecting your image!
Dew’s face was clearly visible in the video. The netizens kept saying that Dew had hired the bodyguards to kill Adina
Their opinions described Dew as a vicious sister.
Her features were distorted in anger. “Okay, I’ll get some people to delete the video.”
She spent $10,000,000 to recruit the biggest company in the country that could handle it.
However, half an hour later, the $10,000,000 was returned to her account.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Daugherty. This video has been restricted with 108 passwords. We can’t delete
A furious Dew threw the glass in her hands to the floor and coldly asked, “Who can delete it then?”
“You can only hire a hacker to do it. We don’t have skills for this.”
The call ended, and Dew’s complexion turned pale.
Adina was doing this on purpose!
The harder it was for her to delete it, the more she wanted to remove it!
Coincidentally, George was an excellent hacker!
Dew took her phone and made a roaming call. The secretary then answered her call.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Daugherty. Young Master George is—”
“I don’t care what he’s doing now. Ask him to answer my call now, or he won’t be able to see me again when he comes back.”
Her voice was filled with limitless anger.
The secretary was shocked. She took a deep breath and said, “Okay, please wait for a moment,
· Ms. Daugherty,”