Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Dew sighed in relief.
She wanted to become Mrs. Winters, so she did not want to get involved with these dumb
Since her father was willing to get involved, she would not look for trouble.
The Daugherty family took action very quickly. At 6.00 am the next morning, the press conference was ready.
Aaron appeared in front of the cameras like a lovely father. He did not sleep the entire night, hence he appeared to be haggard and gloomy. Before he spoke, some people had already sympathized with him.
“Addy’s my daughter. She’s my first child. My love for her can’t be described in words… Five years ago, she made a terrible mistake, and I became furious. I grounded her so that she could reflect on her actions for a few months, and that approach was wrong of me. But, if all of you think about it from a father’s perspective, you would understand me.
“Later, she set fire to the mansion and tried to burn the Daugherty family, causing Daugherty Corporation to lose a few billion dollars. But that was nothing compared to her death. Thinking that she’s been for the past four years, I even got her a tombstone, and I visit her grave every year. When she came back alive recently, I didn’t receive any news. If I had known that Addy was still alive, I would’ve held a more extravagant welcome party for her.

“Addy, I know we’ve had our misunderstandings, but I really love you. Come home! Please come back. Everything that belongs to you will be transferred to your name.”
As he finished speaking, his tears flowed nonstop.
Public opinion, which had initially been negative, was instantly divided into two sides.
Adina became a capricious, rebellious, and disobedient daughter, while Aaron became a lovely father, who had always been worried about his daughter.
Alden sat in front of the computer and wore a cold smile.
That old brat, Aaron… How could he say such shameless things?
“Alden, can get the surveillance footage of the cemetery in the suburbs? Adina sat beside him and asked in a low voice,
Alden turned around. “Mommy, why do you want the surveillance footage of the cemetery?”
“just retrieve it. I have my reasons.”
Alden nodded and tapped on the keyboard with his slim and long fingers. Soon, he found a section of the surveillance.
He clicked on the surveillance video, and when the video started to play, his complexion instantly turned pale.
His mommy had been chased in an attempt to kill her!
She had even jumped into the river!
No wonder she was drenched when she came back the other day.
Alden clenched his fists tightly.
He had to become stronger. He could not allow his mommy to be in such danger again.
“It’s alright, Alden.” Adina hugged him. “I learned taekwondo before. Nobody can hurt me. Don’t worry.”
Since they were a single-parent family and his sister had autism, Alden endured more than other kids did from a young age.
Adina knew that her boy had deep thoughts, so she needed to clarify some things. She gently patted his back and whispered, “Don’t worry about me. I’m an adult, so I can protect myself.”
Alden nodded hard. He dared not behave strangely anymore.
He cut out the surveillance video, saved it in a hard drive, and handed it to his mommy.
Adina’s eyes were full of coldness.
Since Aaron dared to make those statements so shamelessly, Alden would let his mommy use the surveillance footage to humiliate him.