Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 37

Chapter 37

The Xavier family’s banquet finally ended at 10.00 pm.
Right then, the news on the Internet had already become sensational to the maximum point.
All kinds of hot topics were trending.
[The most beautiful lady in Sea City in the past is stunningly back!]
[Throwbacks to the scandals of the most beautiful lady in Sea City!]
[Adina Daugherty is cutting ties with the Daugherty family.]
[Daugherty Corporation’s shares will belong to…]
The Daugherty family instantly became the headlines of all the news platforms in Sea City.

When Aaron saw the news on the television, he angrily smashed the remote control. “I should’ve strangled her to death! She dared to cut off ties with the Daugherty family in front of the media. How dare she say that!”
“Dear, please don’t get angry. That girl clearly came back to take revenge on us.” Ruby scornfully pouted. “Cutting off ties with us is better. In this way, she won’t have the reason to take away those shares.”
After Adina died, the 50% shares under her name were officially transferred to Dew.
Now she came back alive, and she took the initiative to cut off ties. So, she would not be able to take back those shares again.
Aaron’s anger was finally suppressed. However, Dew suddenly screamed in shock.
“Dad, that b*tch, Adina, hired many ghostwriters to slander our family!”
She handed over her phone. When Aaron saw the trending searches on the phone, he could not breathe and nearly fainted.
Ten minutes ago, an account published a blog post, which mainly talked about the change of shareholders in Daugherty Corporation. Then, the blogger illustrated a drama about internal competition for power in a rich family.
(When Adina was eighteen years old, she held 50% of Daugherty Corporation’s shares, and she even became the future heiress of Daugherty Corporation. But she got in trouble the day after she became the heiress, tuming into the biggest joke of Sea City. When Adina was in trouble, her biggest beneficiary was Dew Daugherty, her stepsister. Mrs. Daugherty and Ms.
Dew Daugherty intended to frame Adina.
(However, after Adina got into trouble, she was not willing to hand out her shares. So, Mrs. Daugherty and Dew were in for a penny. They just killed Adina and naturally took her shares of Daugherty Corporation. Dew also became the Daugherty family’s heiress.
[Who would have thought that Adina did not die. Instead, she even came back alive!
(No matter what, the Daugherty family members are sick. Mrs. Daugherty is good at scheming, Dew is hypocritical and vicious, while Aaron is stupid, lousy, and easily manipulated by others… How dare these people steal the shares that belong to Adina?
(When you persist in evil acts, it will destroy yourself. Daugherty Corporation will be doomed!)
A round of boycotting the products of Daugherty Corporation was initiated.
Affected by this incident, the share price of Daugherty Corporation actually reduced drastically. In just two hours, the company lost two hundred million dollars.
Aaron was so angry that he had chest pain.
“Adina is such a bringer of misfortune. Why doesn’t she just die somewhere else? The moment she comes back, Daugherty Corporation faces trouble! Damn it!” he said with hatred.
“Dad, now’s not the time to say that. We better come up with a solution,” Dew clenched her fists and said, “I’m the heiress of Daugherty Corporation now, and I’m the one who stole Adina’s position. If I return the position of the heiress to her, public opinion on the Internet won’t be established.”
“No way!” Ruby gritted her teeth and said, “You’re the one who can lead Daugherty Corporation toward prosperity. Why do you want to give it away to that b*tch, Adina?!”.
“Your mom’s right,” Aaron scoffed. “Only I can solve this. Call the reporters now. We’ll hold a press conference.”