Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Why did he have two sons?

Why did he not have a daughter?

If he had a daughter, he would definitely pamper his daughter to the point that she would be a little princess whom everyone envied the most.

Duke wanted to go over and hug the girl, but he suppressed his urge.

She was Adina‘s daughter!

This woman had hidden intentions, so her daughter might only look beautiful!

It was tough for Duke to look away from her. He put one hand into his pocket and continued to emanate a cold aura.

Meanwhile, Harold rushed over.

He could not hold back and just pinched Melody‘s cheek

The girl moved his hand away indifferently, and she seemed to look at him with caution.

“Mel, I‘ll be your brother. I‘ll protect you. Can I help you dry your hair?”

Melody, who usually did not respond to any external sound, shook her head strongly.

Adina was extremely surprised.

No matter what she said in the past, Melody would not respond. She even rarely nodded or shook her head.

But now, Melody had actually reacted to the strange kid.

It seemed that Melody treated the Winters very differently. What was the reason?

Adina applied some ointment on Melody while she whispered, “The boy won‘t hurt you. Let him dry your hair, okay?“.

“Yes, I‘ll be very gentle. I‘ll make sure that you won‘t feel any pain. If you feel pain, you can just hit me!” Harold promised loudly.

After a long time, Melody finally nodded.

Adina‘s gaze became more complicated.

She had initially wished that her grandmother would give Melody more love so that she could break out of her shell.

Unexpectedly, the people who changed Melody ended up being two strangers.

Harold was extremely happy. He held the hairdryer and mimicked the action of blowdrying Melody‘s hair.

The three of them sat on the carpet by the bed, and it made for a verwarm scene.

Duke stood far away and suddenly felt uncomfortable.

He was a living person who was standing there. Why did this woman not invite him to have a seat?

That brat, Harold, did not care about him either after he got himself a sister!

Duke felt that his presence was unnecessary.

He turned around and wanted to leave.

But the little girl suddenly looked at him.

Her gaze immediately melted his heart like the sun shining brightly on a glacier.

Duke‘s cold aura instantly disappeared.

He felt calm and smiled faintly.

The atmosphere in the room was harmonious.

The room door was not closed, and a kid was standing behind the door gap.

Alden looked away with a shocked gaze.

He never thought that the man, whom he suspected was his father, would actually have a son.

Besides, his son was of a similar age to him.


In other words, if Duke was really his and Melody‘s father, when their mother got pregnant five years ago, another woman had also gotten pregnant with Duke‘s child.

He had made two women pregnant at the same time. Such a man was not qualified to be Melody‘s father.

He did not deserve to be liked by Melody either.

They did not need a father like that.

Alden took the saliva test paper out of his pocket and threw it into the trash can expressionlessly.