Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Duke pursed his lips. 

In truth, he never saw anything. He just heard the sounds of children crying.

When he walked over and saw the girl, whose body was covered in dirt, he could not help but feel angry.

The little girl was adorable, so she could not have hit them first.

Hence, the only possibility was her being bullied.

He had simply made up a story, and those rich ladies ended up backing down.

Duke cast a cold glance at Harold‘s bodyguard.

The bodyguard took one step forward before he respectfully reported, “Those children laughed at this young lady for her inability to speak and for being a mute, so both parties had some conflicts. Young Master Harold could not bear it, so he ordered me to help the young lady and avenge her.”

Inability to speak?

A mute?

There was shock in Duke‘s black eyes.

He looked at Melody, and pain suddenly filled his heart.

He squatted down to the girl‘s height before he waved at her. “Come here. Let me see if you‘re injured.”

His figure was reflected in Melody‘s eyes.

She pursed her pink, thin lips, and slowly walked toward Duke. Then, she held Duke‘s fingers.

When Harold saw this, he felt very unhappy.

He had clearly been the one who rescued the girl. Why was she not willing to hold his hand?

He was cuter and more handsome than his dad. Why did the girl not like him?

Harold pouted in dissatisfaction, but nobody noticed him.

Duke was someone with severe germaphobia. Whenever he saw something dirty, he would keep a distance.

But now, he actually carried the dirty girl in his arms.

Chapter 34

The little girl was that cute and cuddly! How could she be bullied like that…

“Come on, I‘ll get you cleaned up.”

Duke carried Melody toward the resting lounge, while Harold followed them with an unhappy face.

At this time, Adina was on the brink of losing it.

She found out that Melody had suddenly lost her temper and run away after she brought Alden to see Mdm. Xavier.

She looked for Melody all over the villa, then she heard from the servant that a little girl had been bullied in the backyard.

Therefore, she went to the backyard.

She got there right in time to see Duke carrying Melody away.

Even though they were a few dozen meters away, Adina could instantly see that her daughter looked embarrassed.

She rushed over and grabbed Melody before Duke could react.

Adina looked at her daughter in her arms and instantly became angry.

She stared at the man and the boy. “What did you do to my daughter?”

Duke frowned. “What do you mean, Ms. Daugherty?”

Adina‘s hands were shaking.

She took a deep breath and tried hard to calm down. “I know my daughter offended you a few days ago, but she‘s just an immature child. Mr. Winters, aren‘t you going too far?”

Duke nearly burst out laughing.

He had felt sorry for the girl, but it was a total waste.

He pursed his lips, stared Adina in the eyes, and refused to say anything.

“Auntie Adina, you‘ve misunderstood us…” Harold pulled the hem of Adina‘s dress and sorrowfully said, “We didn‘t bully her…”

Harold‘s eyes turned red with grief.

No wonder the madam did not like him. It turned out that she had such a cute and beautiful daughter.

She seemed to have a son as well.