Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 33

Chapter 33 

Duke stood straight.

He was standing in the courtyard with a black suit on, and his surroundings were filled with his cold aura,

It was the beginning of spring, yet everyone on the spot felt like it was winter. Some of the more timid children were so terrified that their complexions turned pale.

Duke‘s imposing manner was sufficient to prove that he was not joking.

The police would really arrive and bring the children to the police station.

Their families had high statuses in Sea City, but the Winters family had an even higher status.

As long as Duke said something, there would be no way of getting around it.

The rich ladies had been so arrogant earlier, but now, they gritted their teeth in hatred. They glanced at Harold and Melody with profound gazes before they unwillingly looked at Duke.

“Mr. Winters, the kids were just fooling around. We don‘t need to call the police, do we?”

“Yes, Mr. Winters. Our families are in a working relationship. We don‘t have to blow this out of proportion, right?”

“Besides, my kid is also injured, so let‘s call it even.”

Duke scoffed. “So, do you just want to let this go?”

The rich ladies exchanged looks at a loss before they forced a smile. “What do you think, Mr. Winters?”

“Apologize,” Duke said coldly. “Apologize to whoever was injured.”

Morganna was so angry that her body shook.

Leo was already injured, and she still had to apologize to the mute? No way!

All the rich ladies thought the same thing too!

Their kids were injured, and they did not plan on looking into it either. Yet, they still needed to lower their heads and apologize

That was impossible!

The rich ladies appeared gloomy, and their faces were filled with suppressed anger.

Duke shrugged indifferently. “Okay, let‘s involve the police then.”

Chapter 33

The word “police” hit a sore spot for the rich ladies.

If the police got involved, this incident would definitely become big news. Then, the reporters would publish it, and the image of their family group would be affected.

The rich ladies contemplated for three minutes before they came to a consensus.

Then, they turned back and looked at Melody who was covered in dirt. “Sorry.”

When Harold saw that his dad could make the rich ladies surrender with just a few sentences, he felt extremely satisfied.

He scoffed. “Your voices are too low. Your apology isn‘t sincere at all.”

The rich ladies were speechless.

They really wanted to stuff this boy‘s mouth with dirt!

Morganna was livid. She carried Leo, who was gasping heavily from the nonstop crying, and disdainfully said, “Melody, your cousin was wrong today. He shouldn‘t have mocked you for being mute, and he shouldn‘t have hit you either. I apologize to you on his behalf.”

When the rich ladies heard that, they were stunned.

Mrs. Xavier knew the girl?

The girl was Young Master Leo‘s cousin?

So, whose daughter was she?

It was such a huge incident, but why had no one come to look for their child?

“Since you‘ve apologized, you can leave now,” Duke said in an unfriendly manner.

The people on the site could not wait to run away.

Staying in the same place with Duke almost froze them.

The rich ladies carried their grandchildren and immediately evacuated the spot, while Morganna cast an angry glance at Melody.

Finally, the crowd left.

Duke walked toward Harold slowly.

The boy was so scared that his complexion instantly turned pale, and his body became stiff.

When he ran away from home yesterday, his dad had grounded him for three days, but he had sneaked out again. His punishment might be more terrifying…

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Harold scoffed. “Didn‘t you witness it from the balcony, Dad?”