Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 32

Chapter 32 

“Sob! Sob! Grandma, the mute bullied me!”

When Leo saw his grandmother, he instantly felt supported, she began ttattle,

Morganna looked up and saw Melody standing behind Harold with a cold and hostile expression

She became furious at that moment. It was not the first time that this b*starhad bullieher


She rushed over angrily, raised her hand, and attempted to pinch Melody‘s ear,

However, Harold immediately pushed her away. “I beat them up. WhyDo you want to hit me back?”

He was only four years old. His stature was small, but he had a strong imposing manner.

He glared at her, and the aura in his eyes was exactly the same as Duke‘sMorganna was

stunned as a result.

“Grandma, he asked his bodyguard to throw us into the flowerbed!” Leo cried and yelled.

The other children also shouted, “Yeah, it was him. His bodyguard threw all of us into the flowerbed.”

“He even let his bodyguard throw some dirt into my mouth! Sob! Mommy, please don‘t let him get away with it!”

The children kept telling on Harold.

The children‘s guardians were filled with rage

Those who attended the Xavier family‘s banquet were reputable and famous big families, and these children were usually cherished by their families.

Now, their precious children looked so embarrassed. There were even bloodstains on their faces and bodies…

“Mrs. Xavier, I don‘t care who this kid is. He has to pay the price!”

Mrs. Walker angrily said, “He dares to injure my child. I‘ll get him back tenfold!”

“We can‘t spare these two kids!” Mrs. Brooke was furious. “Arrest his bodyguard too!”

When Morganna saw how everyone cooperated to condemn the mute, she was extremely



She did not purposely trouble the b*stard. Instead, the girl had recklessly offended so many people herself.

Just as Morganna was about to call her bodyguards, she suddenly sensed a cold aura.

Following that, Duke‘s figure appeared in the backyard.

He put one hand in his pocket and gave off an austere presence. He slowly cast a glance at Harold with an unfriendly gaze.

Harold was so terrified that he trembled, but he still gritted his teeth and protected Melody behind him…

“Mr. Winters, what brings you here?” As the host, Morganna took the initiative to ask him.

“Ten minutes ago, I was taking some fresh air on the balcony. Coincidentally, I saw the children fighting. About five children are injured and bleeding. We should call the police,” he said indifferently.

Mrs. Jackson gritted her teeth and said, “You‘re right, Mr. Winters. We have to call the police. They‘re little, but they‘re so aggressive. We have to let the police educate them for a few days before releasing them.”

Mrs. Brooke added, “How can it be enough if they‘re just jailed for a few days? It‘d be the best if they‘re jailed for three months!”

“Since the few of you here aren‘t opposed to this, it‘ll be easy to handle.” Duke gently clapped his hands. “Someone, please send the kids from the Jackson family, the Brooke family, the Gardner family… to the police station. Tell the director of the station to release them after three months.”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked.

Morganna said, “Mr. Winters, have you gotten it wrong? The kids who should be jailed are these two kids with unclear backgrounds!”

“These two kids defended themselves righteously. What mistake did they make?” he said with displeasure. “This kid from the Gardner family and the other kids bullied the younger ones. Seven boys bullied one little girl. Who do you think should be jailed and educated?”

His words made everyone speechless.

They knew their grandchildren very well. Their grandchildren always provoked and bullied other people.

So, it was also possible that they had bullied the girl together.

But, even if they had bullied her, so what?

Chapter 32

Their families were huge. Could they not allow their own grandchildren to bully an unknown girl?

The rich ladies gritted their teeth in hatred.

However, their opponent was Duke, so they dared not say a thing.

Duke raised his hand and cast a glance at the time. “Ten more minutes, and the police will arrive.”

The rich ladies became flustered. No matter what, they could not let their grandchildren be jailed. If this got out, their families would be embarrassed.