Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 31

Chapter 31 

There were stones and sharp branches in the flowerbed. When the kids landed, they immediately started crying.

Harold finally felt satisfied.

He looked at the dirt–covered girl and gently asked, “Are you injured?”

Melody stared at him warily. She pursed her pink lips without answering.

Harold held her hand. “Your body‘s too dirty. I‘ll find a place and help you clean up.”

However, Melody pulled her hand back and appeared to be on guard against him.

Harold suddenly felt a little hurt.

He had helped her, so she should thank him at the very least, right?

Why did she remain silent?

Hold on, those b*stards had seemingly called her mute just now. This little girl was so pretty. Was she unable to speak?

Harold was a little sad. “I won‘t bully you. Let me bring you to get a shower, okay?” he whispered.

He tried to hold her hand again, but Melody did not even look at him.

She just turned around and left, though not successfully.

The shockingly loud cries had alerted the people in the banquet hall.

Many rich ladies attended the banquet with their children. When they heard the kids‘ cries, they immediately arrived to see where the sounds were coming from.

Morganna was walking at the front. She chased after Melody but lost her.

When she heard the children‘s cries, a bad feeling rose in her heart.

As soon as she walked over, she saw about eight children wailing while lying in the flowerbed.

Morganna instantly saw her biological grandson. She rushed over and carried him out. “Leo, what‘s wrong? Who bullied you?”