Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 30

Chapter 30 

Adina ruffled his hair. “Come, let‘s find Mel together.”

She had already shown her face at the banquet, so there was no need for her tcontinue wasting time talking to people who had ulterior motives for talking to her. It was better tspend more time with her children.

Adina took Alden‘s hand and went to the waiting room upstairs,

Madam Xavier was old and did not like attending banquets. Instead of going downstairs, she spent the evening looking after Melody in the waiting room,

Morganna and Maple did not want to watch Adina shine under the spotlight, so they stayed in the waiting room and spoke with Madam Xavier.

Melody sat on the balcony and read a book. She was fair, and her milky–white skin captured everyone‘s attention.

Her long lashes were like a thick fan that cast a faint shadow on her porcelain–like skin.

When she sat by herself, she shone as brilliantly as the child stars in the movies,

Once she grew up, she would definitely become a beautiful woman who captured everyone‘s heart.

Morganna stared at her with jealousy and sighed. “Melody is really beautiful. When she growup, she‘ll definitely be even more stunning than Addy. It‘s unfortunate that she‘s mute, and who knows who her father is”

Morganna felt a cold glare on her, and all of the horrible things still on her tongue died away

“Mel can speak. She just chooses not to,” Madam Xavier said coldly.

Morganna pouted. ‘There‘s no difference between a person who can‘t speak and a person who won‘t. They‘re both mute.‘

Maple tried to smooth over the situation. “I have a nephew who is also autistic, just like Mel. I heard from the doctors that it‘s hard to cure this condition. But if the parents are around, it‘s more likely. Madam, just who is Mel‘s father? Why won‘t Addy tell us anything about him?”

She was indirectly asking about Melody‘s father.

Madam Xavier was furious, but before she could chase them out, Melody suddenly threw her book away, opened the door, and ran out.

“After her! If anything happens to Melody, I‘ll send both of you back to your parents!”

Chapter 30

Morganna and Maple knew that Madam Xavier loved Adina‘s children, so they quickly sent the servants after the girl.

Melody rushed down the flight of stairs.

There were a lot of people in the hall, which scared her, so she turned to the side and went to the backyard.

“Look! The mute is out!”

Leo was playing with a group of children when he saw Melody rushing over like a headless chicken.

He charged over and blocked her way.

The mute had not only bullied him, but also his mother, so he needed to teach her a lesson.

Since Leo was the leader of the children, the others came over after him and surrounded Melody.

“Wow! This is the first time I‘ve seen such a good–looking mute.”

“She‘s so pretty. She‘s even prettier than my sister!”

Everyone talking about Melody‘s beauty angered Leo even more. He grabbed a clump of dirt from the flower bed and tossed it at Melody‘s face.

She glared at him and tried to bite his arm.

“She wants to bite me! Pin her down!”

At Leo‘s order, five boys around six years of age pressed down on Melody‘s shoulder.

She struggled with all her might and displayed an astonishing burst of strength that almost shook two of the boys off of her.

Leo was so angry that he gritted his teeth, walked over, and shoved her back.

Melody fell into the flower bed. The sharp branches cut into her tender skin, and a few gashes instantly appeared on her arm.

“You‘re mute! And you‘re ugly! Just try and bully my mom again!”

Leo grabbed more dirt and tossed it at Melody. The other children found it fun and followed suit. They also started throwing dirt at her.

Melody‘s beautiful face, charcoal – like hair, and snow-white dress were instantly stained brown.

Xavier mansion‘s backyard was seldom visited by anyone, but on that day, someone had

Chapter 30

decided to take a different path. 2

Harold jumped over the Xavier family‘s fence and snuck inside.

His servants had investigated the woman and told him that she was holding a party at the Xavier mansion that night. After thinking about it, he decided to risk it all and come over.

Chapter 31 When Harold was about to go to the banquet hall and look for Adina, he heard the sound of children playing

“Haha! The mute has become an ugly girl!”

“Bring her here so that we can take a photo. We‘ll use the photo to laugh at her and see if she still dares to bite others!”

The kids yanked Melody from the flowerbed, but to their surprise, Melody opened her mouth and bit them.

The back of a boy‘s hand was bitten so hard that he instantly started bleeding.

“Get her! Kill her now!”

Leo gritted his teeth in hatred. His mother always flew into a rage whenever she saw that b* stard. If he killed her, his mother would definitely compliment him.

When Leo thought of it, he found a big stone and threw it at Melody. As Harold turned around, he saw Melody‘s beautiful, emotionless gaze.

He suddenly felt his heart tighten, and he shouted, “Stop them, somebody!”

From the hidden area behind him, a bodyguard instantly rushed over and blocked the big stone from Leo.

Harold ran over, pulled Melody toward him, and stood in front of her.

He stared at the people in front of him and spoke firmly. “Hit them back ten times harder than the way these people hit this girl.”

“Yes, Master Harold!”

The bodyguard cracked his wrists and took Leo on first.


Leo was thrown into the flowerbed.

He was so scared that he peed his pants and cried loudly. “Mommy, help me. Someone‘s trying to kill me!”

The bodyguard instantly grabbed some soil and stuffed it into his mouth.

The other kids were also thrown into the flowerbed.