Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 29

Chapter 29 

Alden walked out slowly from behind the curtain.

He saw Duke and quietly followed him.

Melody acted really strangely when she saw this man, and the only reason Alden could think of was that he was their father.

Hence, he had to get samples to perform a paternity test.

‘A person‘s hair, saliva, blood, and nails contain their DNA…‘

Alden pursed his lips and trailed after the man.

Duke took a sip from his wine glass and walked into the banquet hall, but before he could even take two steps inside, he sensed someone following him.

There’s someone who actually has the gall to follow me here?‘

Duke scoffed.

He put his wine glass casually on the table and continued forward.

After taking just a few steps, he suddenly turned his head around, and Alden was so shocked that his heart nearly stopped.

He quickly turned around and pretended to just be passing by.

When Duke saw his back, the sneer on his lips turned even colder.

‘Harold… He actually snuck into the party! Can‘t the bodyguards keep the boy in their sight for at least a few hours?!?

“Stop,” he said coldly.

That one word was filled with ice.

Alden had never been afraid of anyone or anything, but when he heard that voice, his palms started sweating

He pretended to not have heard anything and continued walking forward.

“Harold Winters, if you take another step forward, I‘ll send you out of the country this very night.”

There was an obvious threat in Duke’s voice.

Alden finally stopped.

Chapter 29

He turned around, and there was puzzlement on his young face. “Did you mistake me for someone else, Mister?“.

Duke looked at the unfamiliar face in front of him and suddenly felt awkward.

He mistook his son for someone else!

But why did this boy‘s back look exactly the same as Harold‘s?

He pursed his lips. “Why were you following me?”

“I was not.” Alden blinked. “I lost my tocar. Mister, diyou see it?”

Duke shook his head and left.

Alden sighed in relief.

When Duke left the corridor, Alden quickly went to the table and picked up Duke‘s wine glass.

He took out a paper–based DNA extraction device and pressed it against the area from which Duke had drunk.

He was putting the paper into his pocket when Adina spoke from behind him.

“Alden? What are you doing here?”

Alden was so shocked that he trembled.

He knew just how much his mother hated his father. It was to the point that Alden did not even need to ask to know that she hated him.

If she learned that he was secretly trying to figure out who his father was, she would definitely be displeased.

He sucked in a deep breath and let the hand with the paper fall naturally to his side. Then, he looked up and smiled, “Mommy, I came out to get some cake for Mel. You know how much she loves black forest cake.“