Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 28

Chapter 28 

The second lady of the Larson family walked past them while they were chatting.

Trent‘s eyes stuck to her like glue, and he went after her. “Miss Lydia, you‘re really beautiful today...” 

Eilam did not knowhat to say.

His pity was wasted on this guy…

Adina followed Duke to the balcony.

One of them was breathtakingly beautiful, and the other astonishingly handsome. When they walked together to the balcony, they immediately attracted countless people‘s attention.

“My god, did Adina charm Duke the moment she came back to Sea City?”

“I thought Duke doesn‘t indulge in sexual pleasures. Why is he going off to talk alone to Adina?” 

“It‘s over. Now that she‘s back, we won‘t get to date the top bachelors anymore.”

The socialites sighed and whined, as if all of their energy had been sucked out of their bodies.

They still remembered how Adina had attracted the men‘s attention whenever she attended parties five years ago.

Even if she did not put on makeup, extravagant clothes, and stood in the middle of a crowd, she was still the most eye–catching person.

They were incredibly jealous, but could do nothing about it.

They could only post comments online from anonymous accounts. Hence, even before the end of the banquet, the internet was full of people talking about Adina.

A light breeze blew at the balcony, and chilled the two people standing outside.

Adina‘s black hair danced in the wind and landed on her red lips.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “Mr. Duke, let‘s make a trade.”

Duke smiled calmly. “What kind of trade? Tell me.”

“I couldn‘t find anything about your son online, which means that you don’t want your child to be exposed to the public. I‘m willing to keep his existence a secret. At the same time, I hope that you will also keep my daughter‘s existence a secret, on the account that you are also a


Duke remembered the words he had heard earlier. They were so hurtful, harsh, and unpleasant that even a man like him was shocked, so it must have been even worse for Adina, who was a


If the girl with the fluffy hair were to hear someone saying all those nasty words about her mother, she would get sad and starcrying

For some reason, Duke suddenly wanted tmeet the little girl.

However, he squashed that strange thought as soon as it came.

“I don‘t mind agreeing to it, but what‘s in it for me?” 

Adina did not expect him to agree so easily. She was stunned for a second, then smiled and said, “What sort of benefits dyou wantMr. Duke?”

Duke pondered it for a moment before he said, “If I ever need your help, you‘ll have to aid

  1. me

Adina was surprised for a brief moment, then nodded in agreement.

She did not think that she could ever be of help to the master of the Winters family, but she did not have any room to refuse.

She raised her glass and said, “Thank youMr. Duke.”

Her lipstick left a stain on the wine glass, and Duke suddenly felt his mouth go dry.

He looked away and asked in a gentler tone, “Did you really give birth to a pair of stillborns four years ago?”

He was not intentionally pouring salt over her wound. He just wanted to get to the bottom of what happened.

The news mentioned that she gave birth to a pair of stillborns. Then, what of her daughter?

Adina clenched her fists.

She hated it when people talked about her twins.

It made her recall the two purplish–black babies.

She sucked in a deep breath. “It‘s all obviously fake. You shouldn‘t believe any of it, Mr. Duke. I need to entertain the guests now. Please excuse me.”

She lifted the hein of her gown and fled the balcony.

Duke frowned 

The twins either did not die, or only one of them did. After all, she had a daughter who was


alive and kicking…

When Adina disappeared into the corridor, a small head popped out of the corner of the very same corridor. It belonged to Alden, who had been hiding behind the curtain.