Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 27

Chapter 2

Pamela‘s face turned red.

She had a good family background and above average looks, but her body was just a little too much on the heavy side.

Her stomach was the biggest problem. She had a lot of extra flesh there.

Even if she wore a loose gown, she could not hide her body‘s shape.

That was why she was jealous of Adina. She could not stand that Adina looked so beautiful and had a good figure.

But before she could humiliate Adina, she was embarrassed instead.

Pamela gritted her teeth and said, “I‘m not married yet, so how could I possibly be pregnant? Mister Trent, your words may cause a misunderstanding.”

“Oh… So you know that words can cause a misunderstanding, huh, Miss Pamela? Then, why did you ask Miss Adina that question?” Trent mocked her. “If you haven‘t given birth to children before despite your figure, then it‘s even less likely that Miss Adina has.”

His words humiliated Pamela once again, and she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to crawl into a hole and hide in it.

She stomped in place, then gritted her teeth and fled into the crowd.

Adina did not expect someone to stand up for her at this moment, and even less for it to be Trent, the man she threw over her shoulder the day before.

She smiled. “Thank you for helping me, Mister Trent. Allow me to toast you.”

Trent quickly clinked his glass against hers. “Miss Adina, we met five years ago. Do you remember me?”

Adina nodded.

Trent was an infamous womanizer in Sea City even back then, so there was no way that she would not have known of him.

Her father and stepmother had also wanted to make her marry him.

Duke and Eilam walked over while they talked.

The atmosphere became dreary the moment Duke came closer.

It was impossible for Adina to not notice him.

*T have to toast the other guests as well. Please excuse me,” Adina said.

‘m the Miss Adina, so let me accompany you.” Trent went after her like her shadow.

Duke suddenly felt a little angry and said, “Trent, are you that eager to become her daughter‘s step father

At the moment those words left his lips, he knew that he had said something that he shouldn‘t have

“Have I gone mad? Why did I say something like that?‘

But since the words were already spoken, it was impossible for him to take them back.

He put on a cold, stern face, and stood with his back straight.

Trent scratched his chin. “But I don‘t think Miss Adina has given birth before…”

She had a great figure, so there was no way she could have given birth before!