Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 25

Chapter 25 

The mention of scandals from five years ago caused a huge stir

The Daugherty family was also an important and dignified family in Sea CityIt had held a grand banquet for Adina on her eighteenth birthdaywhich had made countless people envious,

However, the very next day, Adina habeen caught sleeping with some man by the reporters.

From then on, the image of the most beautiful woman in Sea City was destroyedand she ended up becoming a target of scorn 

After that, she disappeared from sight for almost a year, and when everyone nearly forgot about the scandal, the Daugherty mansion went up in flames.

Adina‘s crimes were then exposed.

She had slept with a man when she turned eighteen, got pregnant out of wedlock, gave birth to b*stards, went through a difficult labor that led to her children‘s deaths, set the mansion on fire, and jumped into the river to commit suicide.

Each of these things could send the internet into an uproar, so when all of the events were linked together, the storm waeven worse

Adina‘s name had been present in countless headlines for two whole months.

This meant that there was no member of the upper class society of Sea City, including Duke, whdid not know her name.

Her actions had caused a major uproar four years ago, so he had heard about it as well, even though he seldom paid attention to news like this.

Yet he simply coulnot link the person who was scorned and denounced by everyone four years ago with the brilliant woman before him.

“Sowe‘ve really seen each other before…” Trent said with a dumbfounded expression “The most beautiful woman in Sea City… My mom tried to matchmake us, if I‘m not mistaken…”

Eilam shook his head. “If those things did not happen four years ago, Adina might have already become your wife, but do you actually think your mother would have let you marry her


Trent gave him the stink eye. “I didn‘t say that I wanted to marry her. I was just joking around. Why would you think I was being serious?”

“I seem to recall that you came here for the second lady of the Larson family,” Eilam kindly

reminded him,

“Bah. The second lady of the Larson family is nothing before the most beautiful woman in Sea City,” Trent said with a perverted tone. “Just you wait. I‘m going twoo Adina.”

“She‘s not someone you should touch,” Duke said coldly.

Trent immediately went over to him. “Why not? Dyou like her?”

“No,” Duke denied it.

Trent clicked his tongue and shook his wine glass, but said nothing.

The people in the banquet hall were talking up a storm. Countless people spoke about Adina without a filter, and their words reached her ears.

Ethan frowned. He prepared to say something, but Adina spoke before he could.


“Looks like all of you know me, so I‘m not going to introduce myself.” She glanced at the people in the hall coldly and lifted the hem of her gown to walk down the stairs.

Despite her petite figure, she was the most eye–catching person in the crowd.

An unbothered smile formed on her lips. “There are plenty of stories about me from years ago, but since I‘m standing here alive, doesn‘t it show that everything you heard were just rumors?”

Everyone said that she was dead, but she was still alive, so they should not treat the rumors as truth.

However, no one would not be convinced by a single sentence.

The Daugherty family had said that Adina was dead and that she had died in a really pathetic fashion, so she could not possibly prove her innocence with just a few words.

Besides, since Adina was beautiful, there were plenty of people who were jealous of her.

Some of the socialites who were burning with jealousy approached her.

“Miss Adina, you‘re a Daugherty, so why did you hold a party announcing that you’re alive in the Xavier mansion instead of the Daugherty mansion?”

“Miss Adina, you can‘t possibly deny the fact that you had a one night stand with a random man in the past, right? After all, the photos are all over the internet.“