Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 24

Chapter 2

‘Tonight‘s banquet must be an engagement banquet for Richard Xavier‘s eldest son.‘

The Xavier family was among the top ten families in Sea City, so Ethan was a desirable bachelor that the rich ladies of Sea City had been trying to win over for a long time. Everyone wanted to know which socialite was fortunate enough to become the fiancee of Richard Xavier‘s eldest son, and hundreds of gazes shifted to the woman beside Ethan.

A series of sharp intakes of breath echoed through the banquet hall.

‘She‘s gorgeous!

‘Where did she come from? How could she be so ridiculously beautiful?‘

The moment the woman came closer, the socialites in the banquet hall felt as if they could not compare to her.

My goodness, where did Ethan Xavier find his fiancee? She‘s so beautiful! Her looks are out of this world!”

“She‘s so fair, and she has a great figure, too. Even I am attracted to her, and I‘m a woman! Oh my goodness!”

“Don‘t you think Ethan Xavier‘s fiancee looks like the eldest daughter of Aaron Daugherty? They‘re both astonishingly beautiful.”

“Are you talking about Adina Daugherty? Heh. She was once the most beautiful woman in Sea City, but she can‘t compare to Ethan Xavier‘s fiancee!”

Adina had become even more beautiful since everyone had seen her last.

Five years ago, she had been eighteen and extremely naive. Her eyes were filled with ignorance and dreams of a bright future.

But after she experienced the trials of life, her eyes filled with determination and calmness.

She had also filled out compared to five years ago and become even more elegant and charming. When she smiled, she stole hearts left, right, and center.

“My god! Isn‘t she the mermaid from yesterday?!” Trent‘s wide eyes were full of disbelief.

Eilam laughed at his misfortune. “The mermaid is now Ethan Xavier’s fiancee. You won’t be able to woo her anymore.”

Meanwhile, Duke‘s expression turned cold.

‘Does this mean that I was mistaken? Did she really not approach me intentionally? But how

could she when she‘s Ethan Xavier‘s fiancee! Very well!‘

He suddenly felt gloomy and clenched the wine glass in his hand tightly.

Adina smiled in a calm and relaxed manner while standing beside Ethan.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp gaze on her.

with a scowl, she looked over and met Duke‘s cold gaze.

*This man… Why is he staring at me like that?‘

Adina pursed her lips and looked away.

Ethan bowed a little to the crowd and said, “Everyone, thank you for coming to the banquet despite your busy schedules. However, I am not the main character of tonight‘s banquet, and neither is it any of the Xavier family members. The main character tonight is my cousin, Adina Daugherty.”

The moment he finished speaking, the banquet hall fell silent.

Another moment later, the conversations picked up with the roar of a tidal wave.

“Adina Daugherty?!”

“My ears aren‘t playing tricks on me, right? Ethan Xavier really said she‘s Adina Daugherty? Didn‘t she die four years ago?”

“I was saying that she looked like Adina Daugherty just now, and you didn‘t believe me! Now do you believe me? She really is Adina Daugherty! Her eyes and figure are exactly the same!”

“But isn‘t she dead? How could she be standing before us now?”

“Her scandals were on the news for months five years ago. She burnt the Daugherty mansion and committed suicide by jumping into a river to escape punishment. You can find all about it online!”

“I remember her having a one night stand with some random guy at her coming-of-age ceremony. The reporters took pictures of it, then she disappeared for eight months and gave birth to a pair of stillborns. She blamed the Daugherty family for it and burned down the mansion… But she‘s not actually dead?”

“Did she think that we‘ll forget her scandals after she pretended to be dead for four years? No way!”