Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 22

Chapter 22 

Adina stared at the necklace in her hands. The crystal seemed to be shining with a brilliant light coming from within it. She could tell at first glance that it was a priceless family heirloom that was passed down through generations.

The necklace was worth cities, and perhaps could not even be bought with money

Yet, her grandmother had given it to her just like that.

Adina felt touched. “Thank you, Grandmother.”

She put the necklace away. After a moment, she asked, “Grandmother, will the Daugherties come to tomorrow‘s banquet?”

“The Daugherties are just a bunch of ungrateful wolves! If I had invited them, it‘d be the same as bringing mud to decorate our mansion.” Madam Xavier‘s eyes lit up with ice–cold fury.“ They did everything they could to kill you in the past, so the best way to humiliate them is to ensure that you live a much better life now away from them!”

Adina took Madam Xavier‘s hand and squeezed it tightly. She felt calm at that moment.

Night fell, and the streetlamps lit up.

It was not even eight o‘clock in the evening, but a string of luxurious cars were parked outside the Xavier mansion.

The Xavier family was an important family in Sea City, so all the noble ladies and socialites of the upper–class society were invited to its banquet.

However, the Xavier family had kept the reason behind its banquet a closely–guarded secret. No one knew the purpose of it.

The guests gathered in the courtyard and drank wine while chatting among themselves.

Meanwhile, the main character of the banquet was doing her makeup in the changing room.

Adina wore a dark–green brocade gown in an elegant retro style. It had a layer of exquisite camellias sewn on its collar and straps that tightened the gown to make sure that her waist looked thin.

The skirt of the gown spread out. It was covered in countless camellias., and its hemline was dotted with gemstones that shone like stars.

When the light shone on it, the gown sparkled.

Chapter 22

Adina looked stunning in it.

She also wore a pair of crystalline ruby earrings and the crystal necklace. Her jewelry complemented the gown and made her astonishingly beautiful.

Sophia opened the door to come in and saw Adina in all her breathtaking glory.

She was so jealous that she nearly turned green.

Her jealousy spread to every corner of her body, and she wanted to rush forward to tear Adina‘s gown to pieces.

But she did not dare to do it.

If her grandmother learned of it, she would be chased out of the family in front of everyone.

Then, she would be utterly humiliated.

But Sophia had another way to solve the problem. She took a champagne flute glass and went over to Adina with a smile. “As expected of the most beautiful woman in Sea City. You look gorgeous in any dress, Ah!”

Before she finished, the glass in her hand tilted and spilled all over the dark green dress.

“Addy, I‘m so sorry! I didn‘t do it on purpose…”

Sophia pretended to apologize, but she looked really pleased with herself.

There was no way Adina would be able to find a suitable gown to replace the ruined one on such short notice!

This was the first time she would show up in public after four years, and she wanted to shock everyone with her presence? Dream on!

Sophia wanted Adina to become an object of scorn, just like four years ago!


“It‘s fine, Sophia.” Adina chuckled. “When I was the most beautiful woman in Sea City, people would often spill wine on me whenever I attended parties to embarrass me. So, today…”