Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 21

Chapter 21
When Sophía saw the disappointment in Madam Xavier’s eyes, her heart ran cold.
She was the granddaughter who bore the same last name as her grandmother. She was a true Xavier, but her grandmother was intent on protecting an outsider!
Why was she the one getting chased out when she was a Xavier?!
Sophia hissed in exasperation. “Grandmother, if you insist on protecting Adina, then you might as well disown me!”
“You’re already married to the Gardners. You’re Mrs. Gardner now, so you shouldn’t visit this family so often anymore,” Madam Xavier said mercilessly. “Send Mrs. Gardner and Young Master Gardner back,” she told the servants.
Sophia was so angry that her face turned red.
She had given an ultimatum in order to gain her grandmother’s favor, but her grandmother did not fall for it.
She felt as if she had been slapped in the face.
At that moment, Richard parked his car before the porch.

As if she had seen her savior, Sophia grabbed Leo and ran to him. “Dad, Grandmother wants to chase me away! She told me not to come to the Xavier mansion in the future…” she said as tears fell down her face.
Richard frowned. “You’re already twenty-eight years old, so why are you crying like a kid? Your grandmother is right. You’re a Gardner now. The Gardner family hasn’t been peaceful lately, so you should spend more time there to handle its matters. Don’t come to the Xavier mansion so often for the time being.”
Sophia felt like she was about to faint from anger.
Was Richard even her father?! How could he say that?!
She wanted to continue complaining, but Richard rushed into the living room. When he saw Adina sitting on the couch, he went straight to her. “Addy, Xavier Corporation developed a sample using your chip. Do you want to go to the company to take a look?”
The sample was more amazing than all their previous products!
Richard was not the only one shocked. Everyone in the company was amazed.
The sample was not approved for production yet, but they could already foresee that the product would sell like a hotcake the moment it entered the market.
Chapter 21
Adina looked up and smiled. “There’s no need for that, Uncle Richard. Ethan has already sent me the video.”
Richard suppressed his excitement and said, “Addy, Ethan and I want to hire you. Would you be interested?”
“Thanks for the kind offer, Uncle Richard, but there’s no need for that. I intend to set up my own workshop.” Adina’s smile grew wider. “Once I do, I hope that you’ll frequent my business.”
Richard was a little disappointed.
There was no software programmer as talented as Adina in all of Sea City.
If she joined Xavier Corporation, it would definitely jump in market value in half a year.
But he could not force her to work for him.
Since Adina intended to set up her own business, he would just have to support her with all he had.
When Sophia saw her own father talking happily to Adina, she felt like she was about to die from rage.
No matter what, she had to chase Adina out of the Xavier family!
However, before she could think of a way to do that, Madam Xavier sent her back to the Gardner family, and peace returned to the Xavier mansion.
Troubled, Madam Xavier said, “Addy, Sophia grew up spoiled, and her personality is already set in stone. It’ll be hard for her to change, so I hope that you won’t mind.”
Adina pursed her lips and said nothing.
She did not care about Sophia slighting her, but she should not have constantly referred to her children as b*stards.
Her twins were getting older, and they were soon going to understand what the adults said. The word “b*stard” could strip them of their dignity, and she did not want her children to feel sad.
Madam Xavier sighed and had her servant bring a box.
She opened it and took out a crystal necklace that shone brilliantly under the light.
“Addy, I had wanted to gift it to your mother, but she died before I could do it. It’s yours now.” Madam Xavier patted Adina’s head. “Wear it at the banquet tomorrow. I’ve also prepared a gown for you. It’s tailored according to your measurements.”