Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 20

Chapter 20
When Duke looked at Dew, his gaze was cold and mocking.
If Dew really liked children, he would not have minded marrying her for the twin’s sakes.
But he often saw her staring at Harold with a cold and ruthless gaze.
If the boy was forced to spend more time with her, he would probably end up even more stubborn and rebellious.
Duke could not understand why he would have slept with a scheming woman like her five
years ago.
She had come to him the day after the twins were born and made it clear that she wanted to become Mrs. Winters through them.
Meanwhile, he had looked for her for eight months because of that one night.
If he had known that she was like this, he would have never entered the room that night.
“Duke, I’m Harold’s mother. Everything I do is for his good. I don’t care for anything else Dew pleaded with him. “Won’t you give me a chance to live together with my child?”
“I’m going to hire a private teacher for Harold, and it won’t be convenient for you to stay here. I’ll have someone send you back,” Duke said coolly.
After saying that, he turned around and walked into the study room.
Dew was the only one left in the huge living room.

She gnashed her teeth together, and her fingernails dug into her palms.
Duke was just too cold. She brought the twins to the Winters family, but this was how he treated her?!
If it were not for the fact that she really had no other choice, she would have never begged him to let her stay with Harold…
Dew sucked in a deep breath and called George, who had gone abroad to learn how to manage the company.
But it was his secretary who picked up the phone. “Miss Dew, Young Master George is in a meeting and can’t come to the phone. Please call him in four hours.”
It would be night in four hours, so what would be the point of talking to him then?!
Dew was so angry that she hung up.
Chapter 20
Nothing was going in her favor lately. Adina had to have brought bad luck with her!
She had to be killed no matter the price!
Adina returned to the Xavier family drenched.
Alden had been waiting by the door, and he quickly stood up. “Mommy, what’s wrong? Why are you wet?”
“I accidentally fell into a pond. You don’t need to worry about it.”
Adina stroked her son’s hair, then went into the bathroom.
Alden scowled once she was gone.
He could smell the scent of a river on his mother. It was clear that she had not fallen into any pond.
But there were no rivers or lakes near Xavier Corporation. Where did his mother go, and what had happened to her?
Alden bit his bottom lip.
He was too weak and unable to protect his mother.
He had to grow up faster so that he could stand in front of his mother and sister to protect them.
When Adina finished bathing and came out, Alden brought over a hairdryer and helped her dry her hair.
Melody sat on the carpet next to them and played with puzzles while Madam Xavier basked in the sun on the balcony. The room had a quiet, happy atmosphere.
Only Madam Xavier and her eldest son’s family stayed in the mansion. Her other two children’s families had their own houses.
During the day, Richard and Ethan went to the company, while Morganna went out for gatherings and social events. There was rarely anyone at home.
However, in less than half an hour, the quiet was broken.
“When you see your great-grandmother later, speak nicely to her. Your great-grandmother has a lot of great things, so we can’t let the two bastards of the Daugherty family take everything.” Sophia’s voice drew closer to the room. “If you throw a tantrum like last time, I’ll slap you.”
Chapter 20
She strode into the mansion and was caught off guard when a sharp stare was trained on her.
The hair on her skin stood up when she met Adina’s cold gaze.
When Sophia realized that she was scared stiff by Adina, she became even angrier. “Adina Daugherty, I can’t believe you’re actually shameless enough to stay in My house!”
Adina stood up and gave off an imposing aura as she said coldly, “Sophia, if this mansion is listed under your name, I will move out without another word, but if it isn’t, you shouldn’t speak like that. Otherwise, I will hit you every time I hear it.”
Sophia was so mad that she almost lost her cool.
‘She’s staying in MY mansion, and she’s acting so arrogantly?! Who gave her the right?!’
She had been slapped last time, and before she could reclaim her dignity, she was threatened again!
She was so angry that she lunged at Adina.
But Melody suddenly stretched out her leg. Sophia tripped over it and fell face first on the floor. Her forehead hit the ground with a loud thud, and blood poured out.
When she touched her forehead, her hand was stained with blood, and she was so terrified that her face turned pale.
Leo started bawling.
Madam Xavier snapped awake and walked over with the help of her cane. Her face burned with rage. “Send Mrs. Gardner back to the Gardners!”
Judging by the fact that she had just called her own granddaughter Mrs. Gardner, Madam Xavier was livid.
Sophia trembled from rage. “Grandma, I’m the one who is a Xavier! I’m the granddaughter who still carries your last name! Aren’t you going to seek justice for me after Adina injured me again?!”