Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 19

Chapter 19
A spark flashed in Adina’s eyes.
At the moment she heard Harold’s name, she deduced that he would be a member of the Winters family, but she did not expect that he would be Duke’s son.
The boy appeared to be around the same age as Alden. He should also be four years old,
But when she was in Sea City four years ago, she hadn’t heard anything about Duke getting married.
“I don’t know how you learned about my son, but take that information to your grave.” Duke warned her. “If I find that you’ve leaked anything to the public, I won’t spare you, nor your daughter.”
Adina let out a bark of laughter in anger.
She did not care about anyone threatening her, but this man should not have threatened Melody!
She glared at him and smirked coldly. “Mr. Winters, even though your family can do anything it wants and no one dares to offend you, I’ll make you understand what regret means if you so much as touch my daughter.”
‘Threats, huh? I know how to make them, too.’
Adina glared at him one last time before leaving.

Duke watched her disappear behind the corner before looking away.
When he turned around, he stared at Harold, who was still in the bodyguard’s hands. “So, why did you come here?”
No one knew just how terrified he had been when the bodyguards told him that Harold had disappeared.
He might not have gotten his sons out of his own will, but they did fulfill his desire to have a family, which was a desire he was never able to squash.
If he really lost Harold, he would never be able to forgive himself.
Harold lowered his head and said nothing.
He did not like staying at the Winters mansion.
He would rather escape and hide somewhere for a day than stay in the mansion for even a second.
“If you’re not going to say anything, I’ll have to do something about that woman,” Duke said languidly.
Harold looked up and said stubbornly, “I told you that I was the one who came here to look for her. This has nothing to do with her. Can’t you tell the truth, Daddy?”.
“Am I the one who can’t tell the truth, or are you the one who refuses to listen to what I tell you?” Duke retorted coldly. “We’re going back, and you’re grounded for three days.”
“Ground me all you want! I don’t care!” Harold scoffed.
He was locked in the Winters family every day in any case. It didn’t really change anything if he was locked in the mansion or the study room.
Duke felt frustrated because of his attitude.
There had never been such a disobedient child in the Winters family before.
By the looks of it, he really needed to look for a stern teacher who would punish him!
When Duke brought Harold back to the Winters mansion, Dew ran over with a look of panic on her face. “Harold, are you okay? The butler told me you were gone, and I was terrified… Let me take a look at you. Are you hurt?”
She rushed over and tried to hug Harold, but he would rather be held by the bodyguards than her and pushed her away.
Dew fell back on the couch and started crying. “Harold, how could you push me? I’m your mother…”
Harold did not even look at her. He just ran to the study room and slammed the door shut.
Dew covered her face and wept. “Duke, how did Harold end up like this? I take care of his every need, but he always gives me attitude. Is it because he thinks I’m an embarrassment because I gave birth to him out of wedlock?”
Duke was feeling frustrated, and her crying only made it worse.
Dew knew that she should not overdo it with her acting, but she could not afford to wait any longer.
With Adina dead, she had as much time as she wanted to get into the Winters family, but now, Adina might discover George and Harold at any moment, so Dew… had to get married to Duke as soon as possible.
She could not wait any longer. If she did, something might happen!
“Duke, could you let Harold stay with me for the time being? I want to get closer to him…” Dew bit her bottom lip and spoke with tears in her eyes. “Harold must be acting like this
Chapter 19
because we’ve never spent time together, just the two of us. As long as we stay together for a while, I’m sure we’ll get closer…”
Duke turned a sharp gaze on her. “Haven’t I told you not to desire things that do not belong to
“This is not it! I just want to get closer to Harold…” Dew felt as if her heart was cut into pieces because of his gaze. “I gave birth to Harold after carrying him for eight long months, so I just don’t want to be estranged from him. Duke, I’m begging you. Could you let me stay in the mansion? Just one month will do… No, half a month will be enough…”