Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Adina searched the whole residential area with the boy but found no cat.
In the end, she realized that she might have been deceived.
She stared at the boy coldly. “Are you really here to look for a cat?”
Harold’s heart trembled under her stare.
He was not a boy who liked lying, but if he did not lie, he would not have a proper excuse to stay with the woman.
He pursed his lips and said nothing.
Adina knew that she had guessed right, and she asked, “What’s your name? Where do you live? I’ll send you home.”
Suddenly, Harold felt sad.
He had come so far and taken such a huge risk to see her, but she wanted to send him back before even spending half an hour with him!
He was so sad that tears began to collect in his eyes. “I don’t want to go back!”
He stared at Adina stubbornly, and the sadness in his eyes nearly turned into tears that gushed out of his eyes.
In an instant, Adina felt as if someone had seized her heart, and her breath caught in her throat.
She had two children of her own. Her son was mature and obedient, while her daughter was obedient but unsociable. Neither of them was a crybaby.

The number of times they had cried in their life did not even exceed five.
But at this moment, someone else’s son was about to start crying in front of her.
For some reason, her heart ached for him.
Adina sighed and squatted down to speak to him gently. “If you don’t want to go back, you can come to my house for a while. But you’ll have to go back after that. Otherwise, your parents will be worried.”
Her voice was gentle and soft, just like cotton candy, and all of Harold’s sadness instantly vanished.
He could no longer control the raging emotions in his heart, and he threw himself into Adina’s arms.
Chapter 18
Caught by surprise, she nearly fell over.
She picked the boy up and whispered, “There’s a playground here. Why don’t we play there for a while?”
However, when she turned around, she suddenly heard many footsteps behind her.
Before she could understand what was going on, she was surrounded by more than ten bodyguards dressed in black. They gave off an even more imposing aura than the bodyguards from the Daugherty family.
Adina thought that Dew had sent her bodyguards to catch her again, but a moment later, she saw a man walk over from behind the bodyguards.
It was Duke Winters.
He gave off an incredibly imposing presence, and his rage was so icy cold that it felt like whatever he looked at would turn to ice.
Adina could sense the boy in her arms tense up.
She held him tighter and cocked her eyebrow before she said coolly, “Mr. Winters. To think that we would meet each other twice in a day. What a coincidence.”
Duke noticed the black jacket on her shoulders. He had been the one who had put it on her two hours ago
But before she even removed that jacket, she was already thinking of ways to approach him!
He narrowed his eyes and said with a mocking tone in his voice, “You investigated the Winters family and repeatedly tried to approach me. What do you want?”
He kept his sons’ identities a secret, so few people knew that he even had children.
But this woman had accurately singled out Harold and approached him!
Harold shrank further into Adina’s arms. He was so scared that his face turned pale.
He could sense that his father was livid, and he was definitely going to end up heavily punished.
Adina patted his back and frowned before she coolly retorted, “Mr. Winters, I’m the one who should be asking you this question. You entered my residential area with so many bodyguards. What do you want?”
They stared at each other, and the tension grew so thick that it was about to erupt.
The mocking sneer on Duke’s lips grew.
Chapter 18
‘You’re really asking for it?’
He pressed his tongue against his palate, like how a hooligan would, and said, “Harold Winters, come over here.”
Harold trembled after hearing it.
Adina cast a glance at the boy in her arms, then at Duke. Suddenly, she cocked her eyebrow.
She pursed her lips and asked, “You’re Harold Winters?”
The boy’s face turned even paler.
“I’m going to count to three. If you don’t come over, you know what will happen to you.”
Duke’s expression turned even colder, and impatience burned in his eyes.
Before he could even start counting, Harold jumped out of Adina’s arms.
He shuffled over, but before he could even reach his father, Duke grabbed the back of his collar and tossed him into the arms of the bodyguard behind him.
“Take him away!” Duke ordered coldly.
The bodyguard did not dare to go against his orders and left with Harold. Out of sheer stubbornness, Harold shouted, “Daddy, I snuck out to look for her! It has nothing to do with her! I’ll accept the punishment, but don’t vent on her!”