Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Duke immediately gave off a dreary aura.
He held the wet bills between his fingers as a sneer formed on his lips.
This was the first time someone had shoved money into his hands.
This woman really did not know what was good for her!
If it were not because they had seen each other the day before, he would not have put his jacket around her shoulders!
Duke chuckled coldly.
When he looked up, he saw his friends surrounding Adina at the top of the stairs.
His gaze turned even colder, and he walked up the stairs swiftly.
Despite being surrounded by eight men, Adina did not appear distressed or troubled.
She surveyed all the men surrounding her.
Trent Sunderland, the second son of the Sunderlan family.
Eilam Walker, heir of the Walker family.
The eldest young master of the Caddel family.
All of them were the upper-class of the upper-class.
Four years ago… No. Five years ago, before the accident, she had met all of them before.
However, all of them thought that she was dead.

They would never even consider that the person standing in front of them could be Adina Daugherty, the eldest daughter of the Daugherty family, because she was no longer among the living.
“Why were you in the river, babe?” Trent went over and started flirting with her. “Since your clothes are drenched, why don’t I buy you new clothes from the supermarket?”
Since Duke could not score her, he would show him how it’s done.
He had been flirting around for years, so there was not a single woman who would not fall for his charms!
However, Adina did not even look at him. She just said coolly, “Move.”
“We reserved this place today, babe. It’s ours now, so I shouldn’t be the one moving, no?”
Chanter 17
With a smile, Trent drew even closer to her. “‘Tell me your name and your contact number, then I’ll let you go.”
The next second, a pained scream similar to that of a pig being slaughtered pierced the air,
No one in the group had seen what had happened. They just saw Trent being thrown to the
ground in a miserable fashion.
Adina dusted her hands calmly. “Young Master Trent, you’re as shameless and perverted as
She kicked him away and left.
The men were shocked and didn’t dare to stop her.
“Are you okay, Trent?”
“I-I’m fine!” Trent struggled to sit up, then, as if the pain did not exist, he looked up in delight. “Did you hear that? She just said that I’m as shameless and perverted as before! This means that she knows me! I told you, I definitely know her! I just don’t remember from where right now!”
Eilam rolled his eyes. “Everyone in Sea City knows that you’re a womanizer.”
Duke walked over while giving off a dreary aura.
Eilam pulled Trent to his feet. “Duke fancies that woman, so better keep your hands to yourself.”
But Trent said in a carefree manner, “Fancies her, my foot. Are you telling me Duke wants to get a stepmother for his brats?”
Duke let out a cold huff.
He had not even married his sons’ biological mother, so why would he marry someone to become their stepmother.
Besides, that woman had a daughter.
He turned to warn Trent not to flirt with a woman who was already married and had a daughter, but his phone buzzed.
He cast a glance at the caller ID. It was the bodyguards from the Winters family.
“Sir, bad news! The second young master ran off again!”
After Adina left Riverview Pavilion, she did not dare to go to the cemetery to retrieve her car.
Chapter 17
She just pulled the black jacket tighter around herself and called for a cab.
Since she was beautiful and had an eye-catching figure, the driver kept staring at her through the rearview mirror.
However, her expression was cold, and her gaze was as sharp as a knife, so he was too terrified to ask anything
He might have found her attractive, but he did not dare to do anything to her and just sent her to Lake Bay’s residential area.
Adina paid him and walked into the residential area.
But just as she planted one foot inside the area, a soft voice called her from behind.
“Wait, Madam.”
This voice… It sounds familiar…’
Adina turned around and saw a fair boy standing behind her.
‘Isn’t this the boy I saw at the airport?’
“Why are you here?” she asked in surprise.
Harold walked over while staring at her like a man who had seen an oasis in the desert.
Once his bodyguards found her information, he did not bother about anything else and came
He did not know why, but he needed to see her!
Adina looked behind him and found no one. She frowned. “Did you run away again?”
“I did not!” Harold denied it without even thinking, but since he was too quick, it made him seem like a liar.
He pursed his lips. “My cat is missing, so I came over here to look for it. Could you help me look for it?”
Since there was no way Adina could reject helping a four-year-old boy, she asked, “What color is it? And how old?”
As they began to search for the cat in the residential area, the Winters family descended into chaos.