Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 160

Chapter 160

She was a PhD graduate who had returned from abroad, and she was twenty-eight years old. She had ear-length hair and looked smart as well as capable.

Queenie scoffed. “You were the manager of the Sales Department for about five years, but you were demoted instead of being promoted. Don’t you feel unhappy at all?” “I’m just obeying our superior’s arrangement,” Elina said indifferently. “It’s my honor to be Ms. Daugherty’s assistant as well.”

After she spoke, she walked to the manager’s office and knocked on the door. “Coward!” Queenie said scornfully. “A PhD graduate from abroad? You don’t even fight for yourself!”

At that moment, Elina pushed open the door to the manager’s office, and Elina heard the sentence clearly. She looked over through the gap in the door and saw Queenie, who was dressed up differently. Why did she find this woman familiar?

Adina narrowed her eyes and thought about it before she finally remembered. During her eighteenth birthday celebration five years ago, this woman seemed to be next to Dew. She even gave Adina a glass of wine with Dew.

She was Dew’s friend!


Dew had actually recruited her own friend in Daugherty Corporation! “Ms. Daugherty, I’m Elina Osborne, your assistant.”

Elina stood in front of the office desk and introduced herself in neither a humble nor arrogant manner.

Adina looked away before she nonchalantly said, “You’ll be my assistant for the time being.” She had initially recommended Elina to be the general manager because she was really capable. It was a waste of her talent to work in the Sales Department. However, even though Dew had been kicked out, it was still not Elina’s turn to hold the position of general manager. Aaron currently held the position and had all the power in his hands. Adina would help Elina again when there was a chance. Adina contemplated for a while before she said, “Who’s the female staff who talked to you just now?”

Elina’s fingers curled up, and she explained, “She’s Queenie Carter, Ms. Daugherty. She’s very straightforward, so she didn’t intend to say those-“.

“Please get me all her performance charts from the time she joined the company,” Adina instructed indifferently. Elina’s heart sank. She had been the Sales Department’s manager for about five years, so she naturally understood Queenie.

Queenie was an affiliate whom Dew had placed in the department. She just wandered around in the department every day. Yet, when it came time for her appraisal, Queenie would always be the one with the highest performance. Elina had been incredibly unhappy with it for a long time, but what could she do? There had been a time when she criticized Queenie, but Dew had suddenly rebuked her. Therefore, she slowly learned how to be wise and protect herself. As long as Queenie did not affect the department’s work, she could turn a blind eye to whatever Queenie did. Elina paused for a while before she continued in a low voice. “Ms. Daugherty, she is Ms. Dew Daugherty’s friend. Ms. Dew said ” “Ms. Dew isn’t working here anymore,” Adina said with a straight face. “Get her performance chart now.” Elina sighed. She had to go to the archive room to get the performance charts. Adina leaned back in her chair, and her gaze was cold and stern. She would not abuse her power, but she would not allow a loafer to walk around in front of her either.