Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 159

Chapter 159 “Mrs. Winters, marriage should exist because of love.”

Catherine flashed her a faint smile.

“Without love, marriage is just a grave where love goes to die. Duke obviously doesn’t want to build a grave for himself just for the children’s sake.”

Mrs. Winters shook her head and did not say anything,

She had been in Ascrialia for many years, and she had lost control over her son a long time ago. Whatever she said would not mean anything to him.

“Mrs. Winters, I really like Duke’s perspective on love.” Catherine suddenly lowered her head and smiled. “I’ve known you for so many years, and I hear Duke’s name every day. But, I haven’t met Duke before. Mrs. Winters, do you have a picture of him?”

Mrs. Winters cast a glance at Catherine.

Catherine had appeared in her life about four years ago. She would come and visit her every day. In turn, Mrs. Winters would share her personal thoughts with the young lady who was in her early twenties. Mrs. Winters had even told Catherine about the misunderstanding between Duke and her. If Catherine became her daughter-in-law, the misunderstanding between Duke and her would definitely be resolved because of Catherine.


Duke had two sons, and Catherine was a gorgeous young lady. Would she be willing to be their stepmother?

After Adina finished her work in her studio in the morning, she drove to Daugherty Corporation in the afternoon.

She was now the manager of the Sales Department in Daugherty Corporation. Since she held the position, she had to do her job well.

She brought her bag along and went to the fifteenth floor. That was the working space for the Sales Department. Lunch hour had just passed, and everyone in the office looked dull.

When Adina walked in, everyone finally pulled themselves together.

Even staff members on the lowest level had heard about what happened during Daugherty Corporation’s shareholders meeting two days ago. Other departments had not been affected, but a new manager had suddenly been promoted in the Sales Department, while the current manager had been demoted to be her assistant.

Everything went through a change in the Sales Department. The new manager would implement new policies, so everyone was cautious.

“Good afternoon.” Afina smiled faintly as she greeted everyone who was in awe, and she entered the manager’s office. After she closed the door to the manager’s office, everyone sighed in relief. “D*mn! Adina really became the manager of our department!” “Ms. Osborne has done a great job, but she was replaced just like that. Poor thing!” “Ms. Osborne has to pay the price for the competition between the two Ms. Daugherties. Ms. Adina owns the power in the Daugherty family now, so we better be careful.” Although Dew’s embezzlement had been suppressed, those who received inside news still managed to hear about it. Now, everyone knew that Ms. Dew had been kicked out of the Board of Directors and even forced to step down from the position of general manager. Ms. Adina was currently the person on the advantageous side! A female staff member in a crop top coldly said, “Hey, don’t forget that Dew’s the heiress of Daugherty Corporation!” As soon as she spoke, the staff members immediately became quiet. It was Queenie Carter, Dew’s best friend. Dew had used her power to make the Sales Department hire Queenie.

Queenie had been in the Sales Department for about two years, but she had never gotten any new clients. She never worked hard or put in any effort. Yet, in the quarterly appraisals, she would be praised as an outstanding employee and receive the highest performance award.

The staff members in the Sales Department were unhappy with her, but she was Dew’s best friend. Even if they were dissatisfied, they dared not express it. “Dew is the company’s second-biggest shareholder, and she’s also the heiress. What fuss can Adina create?” Queenie sneered and said, “She used such a petty trick to become the manager of the Sales Department, and Elina will be the first person to feel doubtful!” Everyone called Elina “Ms. Osbome.” Only Queenie dared to abuse Dew’s authority and call the manager by her name. As soon as she spoke, Elina walked over. “Why would I feel doubtful?”