Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 158

Chapter 158 “If the air there were clean, would I have stayed in Ascrialia for such a long time?” Mrs. Winters said coldly. “I’ll ask my people to pick Harold up so that he can live with me for a few months.”

“No,” Duke rejected her request resolutely. “I’ve arranged a course for him, so he can’t go to Ascrialia now.”

“Duke, I’m old, and I need someone to keep me company,” Mrs. Winters’ tone was cold and fierce yet inferior. “I’m living alone in Ascrialia in such a big manor. Do you know how I spend my days? I’m not asking you to come and visit me. I just want one of the boys to accompany me for some time. Do you have to turn me down like that?” Duke became silent, which was rare. When the boys were one month old, he had sent them to Ascrialia for his mother to take care of them.

Back then, he could not accept that he suddenly had two kids. Besides, his mother had always wanted to have grandchildren, so he sent them to Ascrialia to fulfill her wish. Unexpectedly, after the boys lived abroad for three months, they were stolen due to his mother’s negligence. That accident made him realize how important the boys were to him.

From then on, he officially accepted the two children into his life. He brought them back with him without caring about his mother’s opposition and never sent them to Ascrialia anymore.

It was only when George needed to go for a work trip that he would visit his grandmother in Ascrialia.

“Duke, I know that you’re reluctant to part with George and Harold, so I won’t force you either. Perhaps we could do it this way…” Mrs. Winters made a concession. “You and Dew should get married as soon as possible, then you can have another child. Once the baby is born, send the baby to Ascrialia, and I’ll raise it for you. It’ll be the same as our past arrangement.”

“I’ve told you many times that I’ll never marry her.” Duke’s voice was unquestionable.

“You slept with that woman five years ago. She’s George and Harold’s biological mother. If you don’t marry her, who are you going to marry?” “Mom, don’t bother.” Duke frowned. “I’ll never marry a woman I don’t love. Don’t bring this up again.” After he spoke, he hung up. When Mrs. Winters heard the beep from the phone, she sighed deeply. She and Duke had been facing such a situation for many years. No matter what they talked

about, they would always end up parting unhappily.

Mrs Winters, please don’t sigh.” A blonde mixed-race girl held Mrs. Winters’ hand from the side.

She spoke English but was not very fluent. “Duke might not be over that incident. Time is the best medicine. He will forgive you one day.” Mrs. Winters massaged her forehead.

She was to blame for that incident, but she had not done it intentionally. She had apologized and even moved to Ascrialia just to atone for her sin.

Even so, Duke still refused to forgive her.

All these years, Duke never stepped into Ascrialia.

When Duke sent the boys to Ascrialia four years ago, she thought that their misunderstanding could finally be resolved. Unexpectedly, after the boys got in danger, their relationship returned to the way it was.

“Catherine, thank you for always keeping me company.” Mrs. Winters looked at the young girl, and her tone was full of gratitude.

She lived in Ascrialia on her own. Although she did not need to worry about her life, she was always filled with loneliness. Luckily, Catherine frequently came over to talk to her and have meals with her.

“Mrs. Winters, this is something I should do.” Catherine looked down. “If I heard correctly, you want Duke to marry as soon as possible?”

Mrs. Winters sighed. “George and Harold’s biological mother isn’t the most decent person, but she has given the Winters family two sons, so I’ve forced myself to accept a daughter-in law like her. Who would have known that Duke doesn’t want to get married? He’s almost thirty years old, and he has two sons. If he doesn’t marry the boys’ biological mother, what does he plan to do?”